Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mom's meatloaf ~ it'll cure what ails ya

Jeremiah was just heartbroken after church today.

He'd received an impromptu invitation to go play airsoft at a friend's house,
but the friend left church
before Jeremiah had a chance to ask Tyler if he could go.
(I'd already left, so was unavailable for consultation.)
This also happened to be the first invitation to go to a friend's house by himself
that he's ever gotten.
Suffice it to say, the disappointment was tremendous.

He had a good cry
and Tyler and I both talked with him and loved on him
but he was still quite sad when we sat down for lunch.
(meatloaf, baked potatoes, (cauliflower for me) and salad)

After lunch, he went with Tyler and Josiah to pick up a movie for our snacky supper..
(Usually we watch a Psych, but Despicable Me 2  is in Redbox now, and I had a coupon for a free rental...)
They'd only been in the car a few minutes when Jeremiah said,
"Boy. If there's anything that can make you feel better,
it's Mom's meatloaf!"

Man am I glad I'd made meatloaf today!


  1. ......Dang now I miss it!! (your meatloaf) lol.
    Don't tell anyone I said that. :P

  2. haha (it'd just ruin your reputation if word got out ;-)

  3. that is so real life precious!
    bless you Jeremiah! more invites will come! bless you momma for great meatloaf!
    love you'

  4. He was so sweet - he wanted me to wait a day or two to post it (I'd already posted though, at Tyler's request) so that if any involved parties read my blog (they don't!) they wouldn't feel bad.


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