Thursday, December 12, 2019

woodland surprises

Jeremiah has been pretty desperate for a new quilt,
so in October
I decided he'd be getting one for his 16th birthday
(Dec 2nd)

I drew up a pattern
that was basically large patchwork,
but included some chaining 4 patches
a few diamond-in-a-squares
and several somewhat hidden stars,
and promptly started adding 'Jeremiah' fabrics
 to my teals collection.
(though - to be fair, it stretched from aqua to navy)

In November,
as soon as I'd finished a pattern testing project
I started cutting fabrics,
and sewing them back together.

I did this in secret,
in 10 -15 minute bursts
thanks to the knee injury
 I was (and still am) nursing.

remember, we homeschool, so secret sewing gets a bit tricksy.
I set up in our closet, because this was one that was going to have to be laid out for a few weeks

It all worked out though,
and we were able to give it to him
partially quilted on his birthday,
thanks to the Sunday afternoon
he spent at a friend's house
on December1st.

without having to be sneaky,
I re-loaded the quilt on Lucy
and added horizontal quilting.
Then hand quilted around the stars
and diagonally through the 4-patch chains.
Then added the binding
and hand-stiched it down to the front
using chunky stitches.

I finished it yesterday morning,
9 days after Jeremiah's birthday

and the boys and I
took a little walkabout
on our property in the afternoon
to snap some pictures
in some of the places Jeremiah loves.

Jeremiah is our nature boy
and his quilt is full of (some of) the outdoorsy things he is so fond of.

We love you so much, my boy!
You add laughter and fun
(and a few head shakes...)
to our family.

You are kind and gentle. Silly and smart.
Tough and teasing.
You love your mom and dad.
And most importantly,
you love our Lord.

You're well on your way to becoming an awesome man.

Happy Birthday


  1. Happy birthday to Jeremiah! I'm impressed that you were able to sew this gift with a bum knee AND in secret! Well done! (And...Hey, where's the snow down there? Want some of ours? 🤪)

  2. Oh, I love it! Such a special quilt!


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