Wednesday, January 15, 2020

stellar mosaic, squared

I got to pattern test for Fran of Cotton and Joy Patterns

(this is actually my second time testing for her;
the first time I never posted about it here...

but you can find quite a few photos on Instagram)

I've been on a mission to create lots of Christmas / Winter quilts
for our home for a while now,
and I knew this striking design
 would be perfect for Brandon's/the guestroom's bed.

of course
added more,
because we all know
 I am just not a '1 fabric line' kind of girl.

I reeeally wanted to use the gray metallic brushed fabric
from Ruby Star Society
as my background.
I thought it was just enough 'directional fabric' 
to be a challenge,
but there weren't actual stripes to have to try to line up.

The gold would add a festive bling
without being too feminine on that steely background.

I was worried about it matching
(grays can be tricky)
but didn't really have time to order a fat quarter
and wait for it to arrive
 (after paying exorbitant shipping costs)
check it
and order the yardage I needed,
so I reached out to the 2 Etsy shops I found
that carried both fabric lines.

They were both unwilling to assist,
so I bit the bullet and ordered 3 yards from a different shop
(no way those gals were getting my business!)
and it turns out it goes perfectly
and created the perfect bold and glittery backdrop,
and I want to order more and make something else with it
because I love it so much!

I wasn't able to get started on it before Christmas,
except for getting my fabric pull finalized,
but I started cutting my fabrics after presents had been opened
 and brunch was made and consumed
Christmas Day
and I spent the next week
slowly turning them into a stunning quilt top.

Even though I made the top in a week
(which, in my opinion, is pretty darn fast!
but - I had lots more sewing time than usual
thanks to a houseful of miserable sick people 
who didn't need much food)
I worked slowly and methodically,
never had the pedal to the metal,
and just really
thoroughly enjoyed the process.

I did have a bit of trouble on my first few blocks
with my points,
but once I figured out what my seam allowance
needed to be for sewing on those corners
to make the diamond in square components,
everything was golden
and I had sharp point after sharp point.

If you make this quilt
(and you should! It really makes a striking quilt!)
I'd recommend that
before you 'batch sew' your components,
you make 1 block at a time
until you're pleased with your points,
just in case, like me, 
you need to stitch that portion 
with a little bit of a different seam allowance.

Although - I do seem to be the only tester
who had this difficulty 
there's that, too.

(In case you're wondering 
I sewed the corners on with a .2mm wider SA
than my normal 1/4" seam allowance)

Since I did figure out my points
(by the 3rd block)
I am thoroughly thrilled with this pattern!!

So much so,
that I made a second one
so I could test and see just how quick it'd be
if I wasn't incorporating directional prints
or (much) fussy cutting.

Pretty darn.

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