Saturday, April 30, 2011


To our friends and family ~ thank-you!
Thank-you for being part of Ton's life
for loving him
and helping to shape him into the fine young man he is today.

It has been a pleasure to have you home all these years!
I love you!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

busy beavers

Lots of work going on over here these days!

 My job was to cut and tie the ribbon;
I didn't have to wait on Lily one time ~ that girl is good!

After awhile 
Lily got tired of that job and went looking for another one

Jeremiah had been helping with the programs,
but he let Daddy take over for him
and Josiah picked up where Lily left off.

He was just as speedy as Lily!
There weren't as many jobs for Lexi
but she helped where she could.

can you guess which one Lex' did??
I found a more suitable job for her

She helped me make these for the party.

I love that it is normal
that our whole family works together
to get jobs done.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

made by me

I really, and I mean really
wanted to sew something yesterday.
Didn't even matter what; I just wanted to make something.
It's been way too long...
But no particular fabric was calling me. 
And I wasn't eager to make clean up the mess I'd make anyways.
So I just decided not to do any creating.

My mini pantry is finally finished (thanks, everyone!)
so I was wandering around the kitchen
still trying  to think through
where everything should go.
I was thinking
(or as Marcos would say, I was 'analyzing')
maybe I could put the silverware back in the cabinet.
It's been on the counter for the past couple of years
which does work just fine,
but I'm sort of in 'get the stuff off the countertops' mode.
That reminded me 
that I'd been wanting something different for the silverware.
Currently it's in glasses in a basket
which is great, fit-wise,
but not so great in that those glasses break
if people are less than gentle in putting flatware away.

All that to say
I made something after all - just not with fabric.
I made a box! A divided silverware box!

My kids will recognize the wood;
it's salvaged from the top section of the old entertainment center.
I still have to paint it.
I was undecided about  that, but these photos have swayed me.

I used some of Tyler's awesome tools.

It's kinda funny - I never want to try them,
then somebody will force me to against my will
and what do you know?
They aren't so scary after all.

I've been using the circular saw for years, so that's really no biggie

The nail gun is amazing.
We use it every chance we get.
I asked Tyler why we've had to live all these years without it.

My family was appropriately impressed with this project :-)
Me? I'm positively giddy with my success.

Last night
- without any arguing on my part -
Tyler taught me how to use the miter saw.

Friday, April 22, 2011


...and listening

...and reading.
You want to know the must-read version of the crucifixion?
pages 286-309 of  the Jesus Storybook Bible.
I can't read it without crying.
I pre-read this afternoon,
 in a thoroughly unsuccessful attempt to keep the tears at bay.
Jeremiah said,
"Mom, you know the rest of the story; you don't need to cry!"
But I just can't help it.
The boys were kinda bummed
that we didn't make an Easter Mountain.
I hadn't realized it was so important to them;
we'll definitely have to make that happen next year.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

new tools

Remember my broom?
Of course you remember my broom.
when the pantry started coming together,
I decided to finally get a new one.
A pretty one, even.
the broom choice was easy.

Since I had a new broom,
of course I would need a new dust pan....

and had 'til the end of March to spend it.
I spent way to much time shopping,
but had a hard time figuring out just what to buy.
Then I remembered I wanted a new dustpan.
Preferably red.
Wouldn't that have been so cute??
I couldn't find a red one,
but I did find this awesome metal one

Doesn't it have a fantastic shape?
I figured I'd just spray paint it red...
Tickled, I ordered it
- and a loaf pan especially for making lemon cake -
for free :-)
(thanks, 'Net and CSN stores!)
I excitedly waited for my dust pan.
It had those lovely crinkly corners.
Yes, I am weird. Why do you ask??
Then, one day,
the UPS man brought me a very large box.
"What could be in such a big box?" the children wondered.
They weren't alone; I was curious myself.
We opened it
the biggest dang dustpan you ever did see!

'Freakishly large'
I believe is how Tyler described it.
He actually felt a bit sorry for me;
I'd been so excited about my cute new dustpan...

cute, it's not
but it can hold it's own against all our dirt.

the midlife

Lily and Lexi often pretend to be somebody (or something).
I'm amazed at Lexi's ability to stay in character.
I guess now that she's two, it isn't such a big deal,
but she was doing it at 18 months, too.
I was Lexi and she was Momma.
It was nap-time, and she was running her mouth
so I said, "Momma, you should be quiet so we can go to sleep."
She looked at me and said, "Lexi!" with 3 syllables
as if she had just had it with me.

The other day, 
Lexi was Aiden;
I was Lana and Tyler was Luke.
(she isn't content to pretend herself; we must all join in the facade)
I asked Lily who she was.
"Oh, I'm the midlife," she responded with a sweet smile.
"The midwife?" I asked. 
"Yeah. The midlife. I help Lana with Kieron.
That's what a midlife does.
Helps people with babies."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Here's a little public service announcement
that could save you several hundred dollars:

the 'relay' on your made-after-1995
made-by-Whirlpool refrigerator
goes out,
do not allow your repair man to replace it
with a 'universal relay'
in an effort to save $40.
Spring for the real deal.

Trust me.
It's a lesson I spent $65.55
the cost of a new fridge to learn,
but you 
- you -
get to learn it for free.

You're welcome.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

who slept 12 hours last night?

That's right. Twelve hours!
I took the pain pill
that I'd said he needn't bother writing a script for
and a muscle relaxer - that I was perfectly fine with taking
and slept 12 hours.
And then,
because that wasn't nearly enough,
after a couple hours,
I went back to bed and I slept 5 hours more. 
I would've slept longer, but it was time for a late dinner;
and I'm sure not one to miss a meal.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

pleased with my boys

My big boys were good to me today!
The house was suffering from severe neglect,
and my back was bad today.
You wouldn't know it from looking at the house, though.
those 3 big'uns
 picked up the living room, dining room and kitchen
(including the dreaded vacuuming)
made bread
(and lunch)
did laundry
fixed coffee and brought it to me in bed
(ok, so I did ask for the coffee..)
looked after the little ones
and even cleaned the bathroom
(that one was all Marcos!)

Thanks for loving me so well, Boys! 

in the nick of time

To say I was completely stressed
would be an understatement.

With the exception of taking Tuesday evening off,
to spend it with my hunk of a husband,
I have done nothing
since Sunday
look at pictures
and (starting yesterday)
work on the slideshow / video
that is due today.
That's not entirely true.
Monday,  Brandon and I worked a bit on the girls' room;
we fixed them up a proper closet-type space 
over their bed
complete with a shelf and 5 ft hanging rod,
touched up the paint,
added a plywood back to their shelf unit
to replace the cardboard 
that's been falling down for the past year
and covered 2 foam insulation boards with a vintage sheet.

But besides that - nothing but photos.
It's pure torture to reduce a life to a mere 76 photos.
I told Lana I didn't remember it being so hard
the last 2 times - she assured me it was!
Did I mention I am mentally and emotionally exhausted?
And the poor little ones ~ they've just had it!

But - it is finished!
Just in the nick of time.
Luke and Lana came over to help last night
after I called, begging Luke to help me w/ the music.
I was just wanting a phone consultation,
but they offered to come over.
And bring ice-cream.
I would have been a fool to say 'no'!
At one point, we had four laptops on the table.
I think we are all quite pleased with the end result.
It's nothing fancy,
but I think the composition is somewhat artistic
and it represents who Tony is.
Luke did a fabulous job panning & zooming
and tweaking the music
while Lana helped arrange the pictures
and she took one photo
(which really - isn't a good one, but it's so sweet)
and moved it to the end
"as sort of a goodbye".
It's perfect there, but now I can't look at it 
without choking back sobs.

I can't tell you how relieved I am that the video is finished.
that it isn't crap!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

quarter of a century

25 years.

We met at Shoney's.
He worked nights; I worked days.
(except Fridays - then I worked both)
He started coming in a lot after school.
He always sat in the atrium
and ordered onion rings and a Coke.
I always brought him a monkey bowl of parmesan cheese
and a bottle of ketchup.
And of course, my charming smile.
He blew straw wrappers at my other customers.
I may have flirted a little.
What can I say?
He was so stinkin' ca-ute!!
We started dating  May 18th.
And well,
the rest, as they say,
is history.

Here's to fifty more years
and lots more onion rings with ketchup and parmesan cheese

Tyler, I love you more than words can say!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last night,
I put all the photos we have on the external hard drive
on the computer.
All 13,634 of them.
And because I organize my pictures so well,
I looked at all 13, 634 of them.
That's on top of the 4 totes of photos I went through Sunday.
I'm not done yet ~ there are still a few more boxes.
I'd like to call it quits;
we already have way more than we can use, 
but what if there's a better one, lurking in a box???
Needless to say,
looking back over the past 24 years 
in such a short amount of time
has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride.
I'm quite pooped!!

I know  - I'm looking for Tony pics,
but this was too cute to leave buried.
Poor Josiah looked so nervous when Lily started to cry.

Lots more goodies where that came from....

Monday, April 11, 2011

power in the L.E.M.

The natives
(and by 'natives'
I mean Tyler and Uncle Guy :-)
are getting antsy;
it's been six days since my last posting.
Never mind that we are crazy busy
and the internet has been spotty at best.....

The exciting news here this weekend is:
We have power in the LEM!!
The lofts are completely finished
and the 3 big boys are now sleeping up there.
Their closet is finished, except for trim
and they've been moving clothes in.
My mini pantry hasn't been touched (ahem!)
but I've pretty much got the main pantry filled up.
I still have to label everything.
The kitchen is in limbo 'til the mini pantry is complete
the rest of the house is in a state of chaos
have power
in the LEM.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

just a few more

...more pictures, that is.
From my Saturday nature nap...

shot at 300 mm - just before it was blown to bits
shot... blown to bits...    haha   I tickle myself far too easily
It's an extra busy week here;
we've got to get Tony's graduation invitations finished
and in the mail.
The printer is giving us fits, 
so we'll need to address them by hand.
I realize that's the proper thing to do,
but golly;
our entire family is cursed with lousy handwriting.
They'd just look so much nicer
not to mention, more legible
done on the computer.
We also need to turn in his video in 9 days
and we haven't even started going through pictures yet.

I still need to get the pantry organized & filled
(and the mini pantry needs to be finished. ahem)
and the kitchen re-organized
and I'm attempting to take it easy 
to allow my back to heal, too.

fresh from nap ~ and who does Lex' want?? Brandon!

Oh, and we've got an appt. with the lawyer
in NWA Friday
which'll pretty much take up that whole day.

Sure hope I'm not forgetting anything....

Monday, April 4, 2011

lesson learned

I walked in the dining room
to find Marcos standing in front of my sewing table.
I went over to ask him what he was looking for,
but before I got any words out, 
I saw
what it was he wanted.
He had my sewing scissors.
in his hands.
"What do you think you're doing with those?"
I shrieked.
He looked at me as if it was the most normal thing in the world,
"I was just going to cut something outside."
I don't remember exactly what transpired next
except the scissors were returned to safety
and Tyler later said,
 "I'm just glad the boy's still alive."

I don't think he'll make that mistake again.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I prescribed
- for myself -
Nature Therapy.
a nice long nap outside.
Since I'm babyin' my back
I asked for a cot,
but this is what my sweet Brandon set up for me

I didn't actually sleep, seein' as I had lots of company
but it was quite pleasant.

I don't suppose we could just leave the bed out there??

Nah? I didn't think so.