Monday, February 7, 2011

I think, sometimes, I over-complicate things

Take a broom, for example.

There's a saying that goes something like this:
Have only things in your home that are useful
and that you believe to be beautiful.
I said 'something like this' 
because I know that's not the quote exactly
but you get the point...

I would post a picture of my broom,
but ya'll would all feel so sorry for me,
I'd have brooms arriving in the mail
and via UPS 
left and right.

It's a cheap-o broom to begin with
and it's broken
- in more than one spot -
and duct taped together.
(but only in one spot)
And  it's been re-duct taped.....
It still works
But it certainly isn't what anyone would believe to be beautiful....

And this is where it  gets complicated.

I can afford to buy a nice broom.
A pretty broom, even.
But is it really necessary?
I can, after all, sweep the floor just fine
with my broken to bits broom.
Would I enjoy the feel of a nice bamboo handle while I sweep?
And would the swish of sorghum grass hitting my floor 
make the task more pleasant?
Sure. Most likely.
But does that really matter??
And take jars.

I have this one perfect jar
that TJ found a couple of months ago.
It was buried out by the old building he tore down for us.
I loved it the moment I saw it - still caked in dirt.

Tyler laughed at me yesterday when I told him
I'd be sad when it was empty.
I'd just used the second-to-the-last 1/2 c. of honey left in it.
"Can't you just refill it?" He asked.
Of course I can.
But it seems a little silly 
to pour honey from one perfectly good
- but not perfect -
into another,
simply because the one jar makes my heart sing a bit
 when I see it,
doesn't it??

I think,
I over-complicate things.


  1. I am laughing about your broom! I have a broom that the handle broke in to and I just kept using it. I saw no reason to go spend more money when it still did a decent job. My kids and my husband finally convinced me to get a new one. So I put the broken one in the garage - it can help me sweep up messes there.

  2. Or, look at it this way - is pouring honey from one jar to another too much to ask for a singing heart? :) Surround yourself with beauty! A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

  3. Tyler poured the honey into my perfect jar for me. I love you, Sweetie!

  4. and I did buy the pretty broom & I love it!


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