Sunday, February 27, 2011


That's how many pieces of pizza
Marcos had for lunch today.
He was going to go for twenty-five,
until he remembered 


  1. mazzios or homemade or takeout? what size WERE those pieces?
    does he eat even more than Luke?

  2. Mazzios ~ so the pieces were smaller, but still... more than Luke? prob'ly not (but he did only get a few at a time ;-) and he didn't eat any salad or dessert. apparently - they went to Cici's in LR & he had eaten a big breakfast, so he could only eat 3 pieces of pizza. He made it his mission to eat a bunch the next time he went to a buffet.
    As a general rule - he eats like the rest of the adult males in this house - a lot, but not so much that we wonder how on earth he can eat all that.... not that we've ever wondered that about anyone ;-)

  3. That's how I feel about buffets too...if I don't feel hungry enough to get my money's worth I feel terrible until the next time I go to one (in which case I hardly eat all day beforehand just so I will not have a repeat :P) Nice to know SOMEBODY does the same thing... :P


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