Tuesday, March 23, 2010

yeah man that's the good stuff

When Tyler was changing Lily's diaper this evening
she told him,
"You bless my heart."
That girl is a treasure!
Her Papa is pretty amazing, too!!

please, Sir, may I have some more?

- as it often is -
was a group effort.
I was scrambling the eggs
while Ton' was mayonnaising the bread
while Brandon was dealing out the strawberries.
they didn't realize I was working on lunch, too
Lily put her two mayonnaised breads together
as Josiah asked - in all innocence,
"Is there anything we can have on our sandwich

Friday, March 19, 2010

7 quick takes in March

The Master of the house
is quite bothered by the fact that the woman
hasn't bothered to post in an entire week.
Figured I'd best remedy that;
I like to keep Master happy

Sickness in the house again.
It's become a more-than-monthly affair
and frankly - I'm tired of it.
Fortunately, nothing too serious this time around.

We've come up with a house plan that we really like;
we just have to shrink it a bit.
maybe a lot.

Lexi is now a wearer of
not only shoes
but socks, too.
but only on cold days.
She has no use for them otherwise.
if we ooh & ahh
she'll keep a bow in her hair for about 8 seconds.
She's also adding to her vocabulary daily
and becoming quite fun.
when she's not a crab, that is.


Speaking of '4'
this four-year old boy has turned a corner!
He is becoming such a nice, self-controlled young man.
Josiah - Momma is so proud of you!

I found a 20" x almost 5' space
to use as a 'sewing room'
so I'll be able to have my machines out
and at the ready all the time.
(never mind where I'm putting what was filling up that space)
That makes me happy.
Trying to organize my stuff
doesn't make me happy;
it makes me crazy.
When you are dealing with mere inches,
placement is very important....

We bought a new vehicle today.
A 2000 Excursion.
It's hard to part with hard-earned cash.

I'm coming up blank here
and Lex' just might be ready for bed.
Come to think of it
I just might be ready for bed, too.
but of course, I'll have to get my exercise in first...

I thought of a #7
It's here!!
And I love it as much as I thought I would.
And now I'm all stressed trying to figure out
what to do with it.
I thought I knew;
but now I'm second-guessing myself.

and now - the girl is
most definitely
ready for bed

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


was some dark
The boys let me sleep in ridiculously late this morning
and still
I hadn't managed to wrack up even close to 5 hours of sleep.
For the first few hours of the night (morning?)
my mind wouldn't shut off;
I was designing houses and a quilt back
but beyond that
oh my goodness
the girl
not sleep
sorry - my boob was in her mouth.
And frankly - I get a bit tired of that!
and it kills my shoulder.
and my back.
By 4:45
I'm pretty sure
I hadn't slept a wink
but I was so exhausted, I may be wrong...
She has been sleeping poorly for quite some time
but this was extreme.
Somewhere during the 5 o'clock hour
Tyler said
"That girl is wired!"
that may have been me.
It had been a long day
and in the quiet of the house
well - the relative quiet - machines were all going...
I had a half-a-cup of GFIC french vanilla cafe.
I've looked & looked for the decaf version
but can't find it anywhere.
I've tried the vanilla bean latte
and I just don't care for it as much.
If I'm gonna have the calories, by golly,
they ought to be good ones!
It wasn't an oversight;
I really gave it some thought
but figured
how much caffeine can really be in it?
I mean
it's mostly sugar
and hydrogenated oils.
more caffeine than one would think.
That was some dark jujumagumbo!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

it's my

I have wanted this fabric
ever since Ashley posted about the quilts she made with it.
When I couldn't find it online anywhere
I boldly wrote the designer
asking where I might purchase some.
I know.
I felt like a stalker.
She very kindly wrote back
and gave me a list of shops that should have the fabric.
And then
I hesitated.
Designer fabric is not cheap.
Nor is it inexpensive....
I have never before
laid eyes
on fabric that I liked so much.
A whole collection - just begging to made into a quilt.
Large blocks, though
because the fabric is so very lovely
After many hours over the course of months
of scouring the internet
and finding a piece here
and a piece there
I finally found
And I bought it.
Thanks, Hon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

play all day

That's what we did here.
Daddy surprised us
by taking a half-day off
just to play with the kiddos.
Nothing fancy
fixing (and eating) food together
It's a good life.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the last word

We were talking about
'what does 'love' look like'
during dinner.
The kids shared some good thoughts.
Jeremiah wanted to share what it didn't look like
by telling about a time today when Josiah wasn't loving.
I told him that love covers a multitude of sins
blah blah blah.
Every couple of minutes, he'd try again
to tattle.
Finally, Tyler asked him
if he could share something that someone did that was loving.
I just knew he'd figure out a way to get it in there.
Sure enough, he said,
"Well, Brandon was loving today when
he helped get the swing back for me
after Josiah took it away."

Monday, March 1, 2010

the new challenge

"I never realized money would be such a motivator for you."
That's what he said last year
after issuing my post-baby fitness challenge
(which I wholeheartedly embraced)
I haven't had my own spending money since I was 18!
I've gotten a bit of birthday and Christmas money
quite honestly
up until a few years ago
that money just sort of got absorbed into the household.
Nearly a thousand dollars
all to myself??
Oh yeah, I was all over that!
I finished the challenge Feb 16th
- not as strong as I would have preferred -
exercising 309 out of 352 days.
And now
I have a Momma Account
(actually - the teller spelled it wrong - I have a 'Moma' acct.)
with 927 smack-a-roos.
While I'm developing some good habits,
I thought another challenge
this year
might help those habits
really stick.
Tyler lovingly obliged
but not before adding up how much money he might be out this time.
Oddly enough
the Olympics
really messed up my exercising groove.

The irony isn't lost on me.
My new challenge begins today
and will be
- well -
more challenging
but certainly not unattainable
which is just how challenges should be.


exercise will be a combination of cardio and strength-training

120 minutes per week = $5
Every week with 180 minutes = a bonus of $1 per day exercised
(a 'day' is a minimum of 20 minutes to qualify for bonus)
a minimum of 42 weeks with 150 minutes
(which is the real goal, here. 150 minutes, not 42 weeks...)
gets me $12 per week (instead of just the $5)
1 hour/day maximum
I can't make up the whole week
on Saturday and Sunday....
27 minutes down
123 to go