Friday, August 29, 2008

books n boys make me smile

Up until a week ago
we hadn't been to the library in ages!
the thought of taking these 2 boys
to the library was
than appealing.
We decided to give it a whirl.
It's been fun to introduce them
to some of our old favorites.
Charlotte Mason may consider them twaddle.
I don't know.... and I don't really care.
I hadn't told the boys to read;
they just went in
and each picked a book from the library basket
and got comfortable.
A Putter and Tabby for Josiah
and Jeremiah picked his new favorite book
(if you have never read Seven Silly Eaters
you've got to check it out at the library
the illustrations are great!!)
Several minutes later
I found them in a chair
Jeremiah 'reading' to his little bro.

makes me smile a lot.

cheapest flea control

I'm always trying to figure out ways to
stretch our money
Painless is key here.
I mean
we can only eat so many beans....
A few months ago
I hit on a pretty sweet idea.
sweet as in cool - why didn't I think of this years ago
sweet as in aww.....
I'd already found the cheapest place to buy Frontline
but still - roughly 10 bucks a month per dog?!
I added up the weight of the dogs
and bought the appropriate dose for their combined weight.
When it's time to use the Frontline,
we simply pull out the proper dosage for Lola
and put the rest on Donor.
Such an easy way to stretch our money!
for more ideas on how to stretch your money further
check out Frugal Friday over at Crystal's

Monday, August 25, 2008


I hate to send a kid to bed hungry.
I know
my children have never been truly hungry,
starving hungry,
but still
I don’t like for them to go to bed with even the littlest pang.
don’t like to go to bed hungry.
When I do
I wake up in the middle of the night
On the other hand
it’s rather frustrating to hear
“I’m hungry”
after I’ve just said,
“It’s bedtime.”
Just like I can’t judge their hearts and their motives,
I can’t judge their bellies.
I’m hungry - even after I’ve
‘just eaten’
Do I just get snookered?
Would Jesus send them to bed hungry?
Should I just be a drill sergeant?
It is
after all
I mean
would it really hurt them to go to bed hungry once in awhile?
Am I encouraging disobedience
or am I exemplifying patience & kindness?
Will they forever disrespect me because I’m stupid
and play their game night after night?
I truly don't know

Mercy triumphs over judgement!
(James 2:13)
Sleep well, my boys
Momma loves you so much!

Friday, August 22, 2008

our littlest helper

this video is kinda long
probably no one but family will care to watch it...

We sure are thankful for our little girl!!
(and all our other helpers, too!)


speaking of our little girl....
she sure loves her Bubs!
This morning
all three little ones ended up in our room.
They all happen to be in varying degrees of sickness, too.

LilyPie had an especially rough night
(as did her momma...)
so I wasn't quite prepared for her
to be her usual happy self when she woke up.
But, she was.
She woke up, crawled over me and saw the boys.
Her face lit up.
"morning, 'Miah"
"morning, Josiah"
she didn't get a response,
so she got louder,
"good morning, Josiah!"
I wish you could her all the inflection in her sweet little voice.
I hope I can still hear that voice in my head in 50 years!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


provided t-shirts for everyone to wear to Racing Day.
Needless to say
they didn't have any sized 24 months
inspired by this
I remade Lily's t-shirt into a fun little dress.
have never seen
who looks
as hideous in a t-shirt
as I do
I refashioned mine
using one of my regular shirts as a guide.
Can't do anything about that bright orange, though....
(lovingly chosen instead of the other
equally bright and unattractive-for-wearing colors
in honor of my boys who love orange)

The Pie
does not want to wait until Sunday
to wear her dress!

Monday, August 18, 2008

back to school

not bad for a

LilyPie reading her note from Papa

Jeremiah's note to Momma ~ much better than an apple!!



Why buy expensive manipulatives
when you can use dog food??

nature walk ~ right outside the front door

how (not) to handle a boat in the water
(they were falling over as I snapped the picture)

last but not least


Saturday, August 16, 2008

racin' day

Next Sunday is our annual meeting at church.
For the past few years, the staff has gone all out
to make annual meetings
not boring.
This year's theme is 'race day', complete with
pinewood derby racing.
Around here
we take our pinewood derby cars pretty seriously

I think it may have been muttered,
"If the L....'s are making a car,
there's no point in racing."


was workshop day

It was a real challenge for me to just
let them do it...

but I did.
And I'm so proud of them!
They all did a super job!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

we eat dinner in the bathtub

I feel sortof like I belong in Harris's family
you know,
We've been moving stuff all around for a couple months,
trying to get everything to fit
getting things in the most useful spot,
which is sometimes unusual.
(Of course, I think many times
homes are set up to look good, not be efficient.
I've always put my 'sweet spices' in the same cabinet as my mixing
bowls; that's where they're used. Apparently, even that is weird.)
we now have a refrigerator in the dining room.
I'll be the first to admit
that is a bit weird.
when we got our new freezer (yay!)
and it was so huge that it overpowerd the spot we had for it,
the boys and I decided
hey- let's swap the fridge and freezer.
lot's of times, things go straight from fridge to table....
The idea was so crazy - it just might work!
I think it's going to ~ we'll see
Speaking of eating dinner in the bathtub,
we did that once.
For real.
We take a special trip with our kids as they are
beginning to experience the changes that come with growing up.
Dad takes the boys, Mom takes the girls
(I get another trip ~ woohoo)
Lana and I decided that for our trip
we would
go shopping!
Lana loves to shop!!
I don't so much. But back then, I didn't hate it like I do now.
We didn't pack a thing!
We were going to buy
we needed to wear during our weekend.
We did take underwear
(since those have to be washed before wearing)
and make-up in our purses
'cause we justified
that lots of girls carry make-up in their purses all the time...
Our first stop was NBC;
the NBC in Tulsa is about twice the size of ours!
they were having a sale.
We spent hours there.
I'll spare you the drama of the heat rash I got
from standing outside at the $1 rack for over an hour
dripping in sweat.....
Long story short
by the time we made it back to our very nice hotel room
we were pretty well exhausted
our feet were killing us
and we were starving!
There was a Pizza Hut right next to the hotel
so we figured we'd just have it delivered.
It was going to be over an hour!
They were right next door!
We'd rented a suite with a jacuzzi tub
we decided we'd soak our poor tired feet while we waited.
and waited
and waited.....
By the time the pizza finally arrived
we were so sore & tired
(we'd never marathon shopped before!
or again, for that matter)
that we just got all the way in that big ole' tub
we ate dinner in the bathtub.

Monday, August 11, 2008

happy anniversary to us

Twenty-one years
Lana & Luke graciously offered to come stay with the kids.
of course
took them up on the offer!
Tony & Brandon do great with the little ones
to be completely honest
they can be a huge handful sometimes.
lots of times…..
Most of the time…..
I wouldn’t have been at all comfortable leaving them overnight
without an adult and transportation in the event of an emergency.
The last time we got away for our anniversary
was two years ago.
I was newly pregnant with Lily
And Josiah went with us, since he wasn’t weaned yet.
I can’t seem to remember any further back than that right now.
All I know is
it was really nice to go away
with my husband!
If you are ever in Tulsa
and don’t mind spending a bit on dinner
You have got to go to Las Cabos
Just consider yourself warned: it might be a bit loud
Thanks L & L and T & B for holding down the fort!
Love you all.
I love you, Tyler!
Thanks for marrying me

Thursday, August 7, 2008

big Pie week

I havent' been baking up a storm


This has been a big week for LilyPie!!

She is now completely weaned and she’s figured out
that there ain't much point to waking up during the night


She's a walker!

Lily's walking

Lily's walking


we love you so much, LilyPie!

Thank-you, Lord, for our baby girl!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

recipe party

I'm not usually late to a party
this is not going to be
the most fabulous food you ever tasted.
it's pretty good
and good for you
and it's
real fast!
Speedy Skillet Super
Throw your skillet on the stove
and turn burner on medium - medium/high.
Open 1 - 28 oz can petite diced tomatoes
& dump in pan.
Open, drain, and add a can of corn.
Give it a stir.
Add a can of drained black beans.
(I think chickpeas would be even better)
Generously add garlic salt & pepper.
Throw a few cups of leftover whole wheat pasta
in the strainer you drained the beans in
and run 'em under hot water for a bit.
Add pasta to the skillet and stir.
Grab your bowls & spoons
and serve it up.
It's that fast!

A sour cream smiley face
makes it taste even better!

Head on over to Lana's blog to join the party!

Monday, August 4, 2008