Thursday, March 28, 2013

how my mom made me a thread snob

Every year, 
I get some money tucked in a sweet card (that sometimes makes me cry) 
from my mom for my birthday.

Every year, I think long and hard about what I'm going to spend that money on;
I have to make it count, ya know?

Since my birthday (in September)
I've found quite a few things I could spend my b-day money on,
but none of them seemed quite right.

Until I started seeing 'aurifil thread' all over the place online.
Aurifil thread is not cheap - in price or quality,
but after some more intensive research, I found numerous quilters who say that 
aurifil is the only thread they'll use.
I thought I might like to try this thread.
It might take things up a notch for me.
And you know I'm always lookin' to move up a notch...
I also thought, if I ended up really liking this aurifil stuff, I might like need to have the overpriced thread chart.
Color shopping on the computer doesn't always work so well....

So, I ordered white thread, 
a brown that I thought would be good for T's quilt (but wasn't. too dark. shoulda waited on the chart...)
and the color chart made of real thread.
Happy Birthday :-)

Oh my! The internet people were right. 
This thread is sooo nice and silky.
It truly does disappear in a seam, and yet it's strong!
Even more importantly, my Juki seems to really like aurifil.
And the over priced color chart? I love it! It's so pretty!
(I think I need a Kona color chart now, too)
And as an added bonus, there are charts online that list matching colors for lots of thread brands, 
my favorite dmc perle floss, included. 
So I can find the correct color on my aurifil card, and check the online chart for the corresponding thread
and order with confidence.
This chart's gonna save me money!
(and make me famous ;-)

is how my mom
turned me into a (aurifil)  thread snob.

Thanks, Mom & Bill :-)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

bits and pieces

Let's see.

Instead of the cast we thought Lexi was going to get,
the Dr decided to just put a brace on her.
I'm happy for Lex' that she doesn't have to deal with the discomfort,
but I think I would have preferred a cast for my peace of mind.
I never realized quite how active the child is.
Lily turns 6 on Saturday.
She is over the moon excited about graduating out of her car seat.
She has no idea she'll no longer be able to see out the window.
Our church had a skating party Sunday night.
It was the first time the 4 younger kids have ever been to a roller rink.
Lexi did not skate...
What is with this weather?!
I've been chilled to the bone lately.
The McCs decided to take all of the kids home with them on Sunday,
since we'd all be back together for skating in the evening.
At different times,
every single kid told me about the delicious pie they had.
I requested the recipe, but Lily is doubtful I can make it as good.

2 - 8 oz cartons strawberry yogurt
8 oz coolwhip
mix together and put in graham cracker crust and freeze

If I can't handle that, there's something bad wrong with me ;-)
Tyler and I play backgammon fairly often.
The wins used to be divided pretty much 50/50.
it's been more like 80/20.
Pisses me off!
(did I just say that?!)
We didn't plan on taking off last week for Spring Break,
but we ended up taking 2 days off
when cousins came to visit.
I love that the kids are big enough that I don't have to watch them every second.
My neighbor came over one morning 
and we got to visit for two hours uninterrupted while kids ran in and out.
I do believe that is a first!
A good friend is moving away in a few months.
I'm pretty bummed about it.
I'm not sure I let her know how valuable she is to me;
I guess I expected her to always be around,
and when kids got bigger
and it was more convenient,
then we'd get together...
We're screen-free this week.
I was anticipating today being kinda tricksy
but happily, it was just fine.
(blogging doesn't count as screen time)
While watering today, I discovered whiteflies on my carefully tended pointsettia.
After a quick google search, I gave it a bubble bath.
(approved research is acceptable while screen free. Fortunately, I am the approver)
I do not have time to give plants bubble baths!
Perhaps that is why I've never done well with them?
I'm tired.
I started the day out getting beat at Backgammon
and I've been going and going ever since.
And now,
I'm going

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

kids in the kitchen

I know.
As a homeschooling mom, it's practically sacrilege,
but here goes:

I really don't enjoy cooking with kids as a general rule.

I've read all the books.
About how great it is having your kids in the kitchen.
How they can cook 5 course meals by themselves when they are 6,
if only you'll let them help when they are 2.

Train your children, they say,
and you'll be out of a job in no time.

The fact is - it takes a lot longer to cook with 'help'.
And it makes a lot more mess.
Yes. I know; they, themselves can just clean this mess up.
But have you seen how much mess they can make cleaning up??

Now, I do enjoy having kids peel carrots
(except for the peels all over the floor, wall, and outside of the trash can. 
even after I've called them back 3 times to pick them up)
And I really like having a 'runner' to root around in the fridge and grab things from the pantry.
If I'm not in a hurry, I don't even mind letting them cut mushrooms.
(although, I can't watch. and I call out every minute or so, "keep your fingers away from the knife!")

The thing is - I'm not so sure that all this 'help' when they are so young
really translates into real help any sooner 
than if I'd just kick them out of the kitchen 'til they are 5 or 6.


Lexi, the one-handed wonder, 'helped' me make muffins this morning ~ bet you couldn't guess that ;-)

Friday, March 15, 2013

two by two

Out of eight kids,
unless you count Lana's head being cracked open with a rake,
(which I don't, because that is in a category all to itself, I think)
only the oldest
- and now the youngest -
have ever broken any bones.

Interestingly, they both broke the same bones - the distal radius and ulna.

They also both had to wait 'til the day after the breakage occurred
 for their mother to realize that they did, indeed, need medical attention.

My poor kids.

Right now, Lex' just has a splint;
we go next week for a cast.

She's a tough little cookie, our girl is.

Monday, March 11, 2013


(to the tune of 'we just got a letter' - just in case it wasn't obvious)
I just bought a ticket.
I just bought a ticket.
I just bought a ticket
for my son

And also three for Tyler, Brandon, and Kacy to go San Diego for his graduation.
But I'm not nearly as excited about those....

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lexi's big problem

Lex' comes out of the bedroom,
crying and struggling to put this bolero on.
She'd been outside, and decided it was cold, after all.

I untangled her hair from the button, (behind her head)
unfastened the button
and started to re-button it properly, in front.

Still upset, she wailed, "I can't even find a whole sweater!

Maybe you had to be there, but Bran and I laughed and laughed
(and then he went to find her a whole sweater ;-)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

everything begins with a butt

Back in December, when I went to the bookstore,
I found a kid's drawing book with the above title.
Or maybe that was the subtitle, because I can't seem to find a book by that name now...
The theory is - you can draw all sorts of pictures,
but they all begin with a butt.

I didn't buy the book, but I thought Jeremiah would really get a kick out of it if I had.

One recent Saturday
he drew a stick person with a huge butt in the dirt on the back of the Excursion window.
We forgot to wash the window.
He rode home in Tyler's car with me that day (we take 2 vehicles to church)
and when we were close enough to the Excursion that he could see his artwork,
he just laughed and laughed.

So Thursday, when I was grocery shopping and found this jicama, I had to bring it home with me,
knowing the joy it would bring to my son.

I left it on the dryer (jicamas keep best at room temperature 'til you cut into them) and waited.
The next day I was rinsing out my coffee cup, getting ready to fix my afternoon cup-o-joe, 
when I saw him pick up the jicama out of the corner of my eye.
I heard his huge belly laugh a second later.

Dinner tonight - taco salad,
will begin
a butt.
A big ol' jicama butt.

(Amazon always shows my browsing history (which isn't very convenient when gift shopping)
the last book I looked at, before searching for butt books, was Holiness for Mothers.
I just found that kinda funny ;-)