Tuesday, August 30, 2011

infused with color

This wasn't my idea,
but when I saw Kristin's
I knew this was just what I wanted
to cover up the fuse-box in the LEM.
$7 original artwork?
yes, please!!

Monday, August 29, 2011


After Annual Meeting yesterday,
My Sister and her hubby (whom Lex' adores!) came down.
There was a bead show in town
and Ter never misses a bead show if she can help it.
I went along also
because I like to pretend I can make jewelry, too.

I like to buy the kids some beads
so Aunt Terri can help them make nice jewelry while she's here.

It was fun shopping with her.
She 'sees' beads like I 'see' fabric.

I love Lexi's face in this one ~ and her hair.....
I could just see those wheels turning in her head
as she held up strand after strand of beads
or laid them gracefully across her arm.
Half the work of creating her jewelry was done
by the time she put the beads in her basket.
I just wandered around
and asked questions like,
"Do you think these beads would hold up in the washer
if I sewed them on clothes??"

Thanks for a fun day, Sis! I love you!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


"I guess we aren't very good at just showing up."
That's what Brandon told me
when he was making Phasers yesterday.
I guess not.

I'd told them last week,
"We aren't Star Trek fans. 
I'm just going to make the girl's dresses and fix my shirt
and be done with it;
we're just going to show up."

But then it was decided that we really should
watch an episode,
so we wouldn't be totally clueless in the Annual Meeting.

I found Star Trek almost painful to sit through,
but everyone else wanted to watch another episode.
which was just fine,
since I was busy
sewing black fabric over all the guys' collars...

In our defense, though,
we don't do halloween, or even 'fall festivals'
Annual Meeting has sorta become their dress-up day.

This year,
I purposed to not buy anything,
and even used white thread instead of yellow
on the hems of my shirt.

Brandon used scraps of wood to make the Phasers
and they scrounged up nuts,  bolts, various lids
and even a lightbulb
to finish them out.

As they were heading to bed
(at almost 11:00 - but not because of the crafting)
Josiah asked if I was making belts and holsters.
Hadn't planned on it....
But I did have some leftover fabric from another project.....

I'm so proud of your creativity and ingenuity.
Live long and prosper.

Friday, August 26, 2011

out of the mouths of babes...

Completely out of the blue,
Lily says to me,
"You better be praying for me;
I'm going to be telling my children about Jesus."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

he's got me there

Jeremiah has been asking if he could get paid
for taking out the trash.
I always tell him the same thing,
"Taking out the trash is something you do 
because you are part of a family.
We don't get paid for being part of a family."

We do do 'allowances'
but it certainly isn't
payment for services rendered.
If it were - it would be pitiful wages.
And yes, allowances do increase as responsibility increases
but again, it isn't payment;
it's "thank-you".
And it's education.
And it seems to be working;
our kids are all good savers.
and givers.
(except for T - he's a spender, that one,
but he is a giver, too!)

When Jeremiah brought up the issue of payment yesterday,
I gave my standard answer
and then I asked him what he needed money for.
"Well. I need to start saving for my house, mostly."

He's got me there.....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

it's that time again

This Sunday is Central's annual meeting.

You know what that means:
it's time for my annual T-shirt Refashion.

Just as a refresher,
This was my first t-shirt refashion in '08

The next year, we didn't get the t-shirts in advance

This was last year's re-do

Without further ado,
may I present
(with waayy too many pictures)
the T-shirt Refashion of 2011.

Monday, August 22, 2011

the bench

I found this bench
the same day I found the dresser at Abilities.
That was a good thrifting day!!
As soon as I laid eyes on it - I told them it was sold!

 I had planned on building a 4 cube bench kind of like this one,
but this was a much better option.
The fact that'd it'd be less expensive was just a  bonus.
I had originally planned to put a basket of books behind each door
for each of the four little ones,
but we've decided to use if for fabric storage instead :-)

I love everything about this piece!
(except the fact that I don't know what it is....)

  I even like those little metal things on the legs
but when my primer started chipping off,
I knew they had to go.
The bench (formerly credenza? I don't know!)
was a tad too tall for the window anyways
so I just took the circular saw to all the legs
and whacked about an inch and a half off.

 It was in great shape, except the back was sagging a bit
so Brandon and I slapped some glue in that little ditch there
and clamped it for a few hours.

see that middle leg in the back? scroll up. It wasn't there ~ I built it!
 When I first brought it home,
Ton' wanted to know why I'd bought such an ugly thing.
I went on and on about how perfect it was
and he said, "Well, that's the difference between you and me.
I see things as they are
and you see what they could be."
Yes - I suppose I do....

underneath that cushion are 2 awesome marble slabs

Speaking of the cushion...
I couldn't find just the right fabric
so I made my own!
Well, I didn't make the fabric
and it isn't really just right - but it's more right than not....

 I used a drop cloth from Lowe's
and washed it exactly (really!) like Miss Mustard Seed told me to
and after I cut my rectangle the size of the cushion cover
 I ironed freezer paper to the entire back
and stenciled flowers using regular paint mixed with a fabric medium.
I'm sad to say it faded a lot when I washed it
(although I hadn't realized quite how much, 'til I saw this picture.)
but I'm still pleased with it.

This is my view from the kitchen
often there is a person on that bench...

I love it!

for more fabulous furniture, visit Miss Mustard Seed

off to college