Monday, June 6, 2011

the test piece

 There are certain things that are non-negotiable for the LEM:
Tyler insists on a table.
I really wanted a window seat for reading
but we didn't think a built in would work well in the space, 
so in lieu of that, I gotta have a padded bench.
Tyler and I both said a comfy chair was a must
and Jeremiah has had his heart set on a nature table
ever since we started talking about adding on.

 When I spotted this chest
I got excited.
It was bigger than what I had in mind

but I thought it had nice lines
and I loved the pulls
and over all was in pretty good shape.
The drawers were a bonus ~ I hadn't even considered drawers;
I was just set on having a 'surface' for a nature table.

It was a bargain at $20
so I figured it'd be a good practice piece for me.
If it ended up being too big for the space
or if I ruined it,
I wouldn't be out too much.

So, I bought it and we got busy.
Of course, the kids all helped where they could.
And I made repairs just like the pros.

What?! The 'pros' don't  use popsicle sticks??

okay - so my fix isn't exactly perfect and professional....
  At one point during the re-do
 Tyler said, "You know, I'm testing you."
(remember, he's not a painted furniture fan)
I was like, "Yeah, well, I'm testing me, too..." 
I'd spent hours learning - could I actually do it, though??

 I gotta say,
even with all my imperfections,
brush stokes,
and obvious under-use of sand paper,
I love my test piece!

I'm not sure that it's gonna work in the LEM;
it is, after all, bigger than I had allowed for the nature table

I wouldn't say I exactly aced the test,
but I did pass with flying colors,
I think.

I linked up with Sarah's Before and After Party


  1. yep! Flying colors!!
    even the pulls are shiney- how did you do that, wondergirl!!

  2. Oooohhh! I love it! The drawers will be appreciated wherever you decide to use it.
    Can't wait to see what's next!

  3. the shiny pulls - those were sort of an accident ;-) I'd had T put them on for me when I was thought I was finished with the dresser. before we even got it in the LEM, though, I found little chunks out of the paint in TWO spots so I knew I needed to add a top coat. I was too lazy to take the pulls off myself & didn't want to ask one of the boys - so I just left them on & top-coated over them.

  4. Wow! Impressive

  5. it looks good!!!! great job! I give you an "A"! what does Tyler think of the painted look now?

  6. the shiny pulls are my favorite part.

  7. Absolutely FABULOUS!!! Two Thumbs up from my neck of the woods!

  8. Nice job! My favorite part is the color you chose. I just completed my first big furniture painting project, too, and linked it up to Sarah's party. (I'm #305.) If the chest doesn't work for its original intended spot, surely you can find a nice home for it. It's so cute.

  9. If it doesn't have a home at your house maybe we can work out a deal for it in mine. :p


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