Monday, May 23, 2011

continuing education

I don't think it comes as any surprise;
I like learning new things.
Technically, I like knowing things;
the learning part
has gotten much more challenging in recent years.

For the past two weeks
(has it only been 2 weeks?!)
I've been taking a crash course in furniture re-dos.
I started by buying an overpriced e-book
in the hopes that my education would be complete.
I was less than impressed with the above mentioned e-book
so I started doing what I should have done in the first place.
(In my defense, though, the silly book came recommended
by none other than thenester so my expectations were pretty high.)
Back to the Googling.
I found a whole new-to-me genre of blogs:
home decorating, with a focus on DIY
specializing in furniture makeovers.
Which is exactly what I was looking for.
I've spent hours trying to process all this new stuff.
Bloggers are a generous group of people, ya'll.
I've found so much good information.
But some of it is conflicting.
Only use Behr paint.
Never use Behr.
Valspar is junk.
Look at this table I used Valspar on.
I only buy 'oops' paint.
Never buy oops paint.
etc etc etc

It made me dizzy sometimes to sort it all out.
I think I have  a pretty good handle now
on what I need to do.
I'm just hoping everything works out in real life
like it's worked out in my head...
Tyler's not a huge fan of painted furniture
and I've got to convince him that it's fabulous.
'cause I think I might just like paintin' furniture
and I'm also thinking
I just might need a spray gun...

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  1. Watch out! Here she comes!
    Hahaha! I'm tickled pink here.


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