Wednesday, May 25, 2011

radiant skin

I don't have what anyone would call
'beautiful skin'.

that's not entirely true:
Once, when I was seventeen
one of my customers at Shoney's,
a sweet (senile) old lady with a face like a china doll
told me I had beautiful skin.
I think she was as blind as she was senile.

Senile china dolls aside, my skin could never be classified 
as beautiful.
I have discovered the secret to
better skin.

The Oil Cleansing Method
- commonly referred to as OCM -
this little baby.

Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

we tried the OCM, running back and forth
between the computer and the sink,
to make sure we were doing it just right.
I think the site we found
had to be the most complicated of all
explanations / methods for oil cleansing.
In a nutshell,
The OCM consists of using a mix of castor oil and another oil
(we use a mix of sunflower, almond, and olive oils)
and steam to cleanse your skin.
You simply pour a bit of your oil mixture in your hand,
rub your hands together and smooth the oil on your face.
Then you take a clean washcloth, 
run it under HOT water,
quickly wring it out,
open it
and put it on your face.
Take a few deep breaths, inhaling the moist air
while the cloth cools a bit.
After oh, say, 20 seconds or so,
use the cloth to gently wipe your face.
Rinse your washcloth,
run it under hot water,
steam, and then wipe your face one more time.
I promise ~ your skin will look better than ever.
Until you add the Olay ProX to the routine.

I wasn't sure about doing the OCM 
with the brush system, but I decided to try it.
I think it took it up a notch.
Tyler has even noticed a difference in my skin;
the other day, upon rising,
he told me my face was radiant.
Which is, I think, as close to beautiful
as this large-pored skin of mine is going to get.

My teens have also found tremendously improved skin
using the OCM*.
And what boy doesn't want to use a power tool?
(even if it is just for his face)
When there is the occasional zit that needs attention, 
a drop of straight lavender essential oil on it
a couple of times a day will take care of it in no time. 

So there you have it.
The Oil Cleansing Method
and the Olay ProX

*The boys use a 50/50 ratio of castor oil / other oils,
my more 'mature' skin needs a bit less castor oil in the mix.


  1. Lavender oil will kill them?! How come no one told me?! *weeps* I think I shall live*says melodramatically* Now to invest in some of this magic perfumed substance. *mischievous glancces* Muahahha!!!You shall die ugly zit monsters!

  2. Okay, at what point do you do the brush thingie? Do you scrub the oil in or does it come with its own stuff or am I just not getting it? Sorry, but I really want to try this. I have done the OCM some and enjoyed it. Thanks so much!!! (Also, I loved the image of you running between the sink and computer...sounds like something I would do)


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