Saturday, October 31, 2009

I can almost taste it

It's been 3 long weeks
since we've had any real milk in the house
3 1/2 months
since we've had the really good stuff
(fresh, never frozen)
Back then, I could only have a sip or two
Lexi seems to be handling dairy just fine now
so long as I don't go hog-wild.

In just a few hours
Tyler and Brandon
will make the long trek to Claremore;
I'm so excited
I can almost taste the goodness!

Thank-you, Tyler,
for sacrificing your morning for us (again)
I love you!
oh, and I love our milk.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lex' loves school



poor little sweetie

somethin' I'm lovin'

oh yeah
peppermint oil!
We use it for several things around here
but my favorite way to use peppermint oil right now
is in the bath or shower.
When I'm slow to wake up,
which is
pretty much every day,
the delightful aroma of
a few drops of peppermint essential oil
and maybe some orange oil, too
on a cloth, thrown on the floor of the shower
just makes my brain happy.
And when my body aches
a few drops in a hot bath is just about heaven.
(well, it would be if my tub were comfy - for now, I pretend)
Sort of an icy heat;
the right amount leaves me feeling invigorated
too much, though,
leaves my hind-parts a bit too tingly
all day.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I sorta caved

I know;
I said I'd never do it.
Apparently, I lied.
I'm doing it.
If I commit any FB faux pax
I trust everyone will just forgive me
point me in the right direction.
anyone wanna be my friend??

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

going green got easier

Reversible wal-mart style shopping bags!

Aren't they so cute?!
It's easy to use re-usable shopping bags at some stores
(the hard part is remembering the bags.)
but other stores, like Walmart?
I kinda think they frown on it.
they sell flimsy re-usable bags for $ .99
actually using them,
I think the checkers wouldn't like so much.

And so I thought
if the bag was just like a wal-mart bag
the checker wouldn't be inconvenienced any.
You could just load your groceries on the belt
go load your bags on the bag-turn around thing.
They use 2/3 yard for each side
with some scraps leftover for quilts :-)
and go together in about 30 - 40 minutes.

The hard part
will be remembering to bring the bags...

Monday, October 26, 2009

li'l Lex'

she sho do has what it takes

Lexi added Lily to her list of words
said, "I love you" this evening
which, while I'd like to think she said it to me first,
Brandon told me a few weeks ago
he was pretty sure she'd said it.

Still no teeth.

She crawls all over the place
and, of course, pulls herself to standing.
she got herself back down from standing.
Normally she either falls or cries for help
when her little legs get shaky.

add 'hey' to the list.
She just pulled out my earring and I said, "Heyyy!"
She laughed
and said it right back.

Maybe I should try telling her 'goodnight'
and just go to sleep;
maybe she'll do the same.
It could happen.


As I was surveying the aftermath of dessert
I thought to myself
I really am the cheapest person I know.

It gets worse;
I re-used
one of the 1/2 plates
for a snack later.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I've done it again

I am beyond tickled with myself this time.
I've had a project idea for a few weeks now,
in my mind, at least.
I searched online for a tutorial;
no need to reinvent the wheel.
Didn't find one
so a week or so ago
I made my pattern (out of newspaper, of course)
was to buy cheap - or rather - inexpensive fabric
so I could do a test run.
I was so certain it would work, though
that I bought enough different fabrics for six of them.
I reasoned
that if adjustments were deemed necessary
2/3 yard would still be enough.
It would be naptime when we got back home
so I'd have time to sew.
I'd timed it perfectly.
I was unsure of my fabric content
so I knew it'd be foolish of me to not pre-wash.
I decided to be patient and throw them in the washer.
I added towels to the dryer
so it'd go faster.
I was just beginning to iron my fabrics
when Lexi woke up from her nap.
I've managed to steal a few minutes here and there
I finished my first one.
it's perfect!
No adjustments needed.
it's so darn cute!!

how's that?

The kids and I were shopping and wanted a little snack
for on the way home.
I grabbed some sugar wafers.
You can't choke on a sugar wafer
and I figured
in a pinch, Josiah could give Lexi a tiny bite.
Horrible, I know.
As we were leaving
I decided to check the icecream aisle,
see if something better grabbed me.

Now, these were a buck sixty-eight
more than the cookies,
but I figured
they are actually good for us
so put the sugar-laden treats back
and congratulated myself on my wise decision.
It wasn't until after I got home
and we'd already eaten some
that I thought to look at the label.
I wasn't expecting what I found
These all-natural pure fruit bars
are loaded with
and corn syrup!

Excuse me - how exactly is that Pure Fruit???

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

momma has a new helper

It makes me happy.
Really it does.
But it also makes me want to cry.

chock full of wisdom, I am

If your freezer seems to be going out,
don't ignore it
and hope it fixes itself;
Chances are pretty good
that it won't!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

playing parents

"We're mom and dad - we're playing cards."
(this proves it's been too long since we've had coffee on our dates)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

welcome to the jungle

We knocked on the door
then cautiously pushed it open.
Things didn't sound good.
I looked at Jodi.
"He's trying to talk her into a C-section," she whispered.
I looked at Shelley, "What do you think?"
She silently shook her head 'no'.
I caught Lana's eyes, big and scared,
and firmly shook my head 'no' with a look that said
four hours and 34 minutes later
Lana pushed out - and I do mean pushed out -
an adorable 8 lb 1 oz baby boy.
Aiden Timothy

Lana did an absolutely fabulous job.
She listened to
and tried
Jodi and Shelley encouraged her to do.
I was so proud of her!
And so thankful that she had
both of them there.
And, of course,
immensely grateful that I was able to be a part
of the birth of my first grandson.

I doubt the nurses (who were very kind!)
had ever seen a soon-to-be-gramma
nursing her own infant daughter
in the labor room.
I must say - it felt rather odd to me, too
to go back and forth between
one baby girl
the other
Welcome little Aiden
you are so loved!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

you don't always know

The morning had started early;
I was frazzled.
I fixed a half-cup of my GFIC decaf
and headed to my rocking chair.
I just wanted to 'still' a moment.
I needed peace.
uninterrupted quiet.
The door opened.
I felt frustration rising.
Can't these kids leave me in peace for two minutes??
fresh from sleep
and completely unaware of his momma's state
headed in and climbed in my lap.
I held him.
And he held me.
And I stilled.
I realized
you don't always know what you think you know.
I thought I needed time alone
but what I really needed was a long sweet snuggle.
You just don't always know.

four little monkeys

sleepin' in the bed

I'm not real fond of it at 2 or 5am
but it sure makes me smile
when I'm not in the bed with 'em

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

art for the art-impaired

is a great place to visit if you are
art-challenged like me.

I think art can finally have a regular place in our school.

Monday, October 12, 2009

she knows what she likes

After being assured
it wasn't too early to begin Christmas shopping,
Brandon asked Lily what she wanted for Christmas.
"I want some chocolate"
was her matter-of-fact reply.

I may have inadvertently started something...
Josiah asked this morning,
"Do boys need more applesauce than girls do?"

Sunday, October 11, 2009

it's about time!

Brandon's quilt is finished
in all its crinkly, puffy goodness.
Happy Birthday, Bud!!!

It was pretty tough
making a quilt without my helper.

Good help is so hard to find.
Ton' - you're a nut

Brandon's favorite block

I love you, my Brandon!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

the million dollar question

I gave the boys a chocolate chip after lunch;
Lily got two.
Jeremiah wanted to know why.
"Girls need more chocolate," I said.
"But, why?" he asked, again.
"God just made them that way," was my brilliant reply.
"But," he continued, "What is it about girls
that make them need more chocolate??"

freebie - tip of the day

wash a load
of all aprons.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Our gorgeous little night owl
just crawled behind me
stood up and said, "Hi."

was also the subject line in a recent e-mail
from a young new friend.
She'd heard Lexi wasn't giving me much sleep these days
and wanted to know if I'd let her come over and help.
My first thought was,
"That's really sweet, but, no thank-you."
Not because I couldn't use the help,
but because
I don't 'do' help very well
not the receiving of it, anyways.

I forwarded her note to Tyler and asked what he thought.
"Well," he replied, "I asked God this morning
to continue to refresh you and love you;
maybe this is His answer."
How could I say "No" to that?!
Thank-you, Abby

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

small world

I just got off the phone with a friend from our Germany days.
I've thought of her often over the years.
We were worlds apart when we were in Germany together;
she a confident homeschooling 'older' mother,
me a young know-it-all snob.
I could have learned so much from her,
but I was too stupid to see that at the time.
I've wished, many times, that I would have allowed her
to befriend me and teach me.
But I didn't.
I mean
she was weird.
Yet, here I sit
twenty years later
weirder than she could even hope to be!
I finally got up the gumption to call.
I wasn't sure if she'd even remember me....
I am unforgettable :-)
their grown children
are living about three hours away!
from here!
and have been for the past several years....
It really is a small world
after all.

start 'em young

I do love a clean floor!
and girls to help me clean them?
on that note...
Everyone knows
how much I love a good tool, too.
For the past 5 years
I've chosen lightweight vacuum cleaners
so my little ones would be able to 'help' vacuum.
You know - to encourage working and all.
Problem is
those little bitty vacuum cleaners
aren't meant to handle all the dirt
of a 2 dog, 8 person, mostly carpet house.
the littlest ones
shh - aren't really all that great at vacuuming.
their hearts are good
but they lack talent.
The big ones greatly dislike vacuuming.
to bless them
I usually do the bulk of the vacuuming around here.
At least once a day.
It really should be done twice a day.

For about 5 years
I've been using what amounts to a toy!
I know - I'm pretty slow sometimes!
For my birthday
I asked for a real vacuum.
No frills needed,
just powerful suction.
And probably a bit heavier
than the little ones would be able to handle.

How many gals have a vacuum that matches their phone??

and - I don't have to fight Lily for this one anymore

Saturday, October 3, 2009

the kitchen fairy

There really are kitchen fairies!
I've wanted to believe
for so long
but I've just never been sure, ya know?
now I am.
My kitchen was an absolute wreck
when I went to bed last night
and when I trudged in there to clean it this morning,
there was precious little left for me to do.
Thank-you, Kitchen Fairy.
I believe in you.

Friday, October 2, 2009

here's lookin' at you, kid

she's not up to fractions yet, is she?

(the third guy is running in to join in the fun)

originally - Jeremiah had drawn a boy peeing - for 'P'
but he figured I wouldn't much like that...

P - is for persons
by Josiah
(that flat thing in the middle is the trampoline everyone is so happily jumping on)


One of the great things about home-schooling
you have lots of flexibility.
Lessons can be long
depending on the need.
For example:
Jeremiah's math went pretty quickly;
I'd cut several pear rounds for a snack.
He wanted more pieces
and said, "I'm going to quarter these;
I'll cut each piece into fourths"
And then he did.
And that was math.