Sunday, October 31, 2010

like a cool spring

For the first time in our lives
we have water - cold clean refreshing water
at our fingertips.
You shoulda seen us dancing around. 
or - maybe not....

It makes me think 
of all the people without even remotely decent water to drink.

I wish I could remember to be more grateful for everything I have!

Friday, October 29, 2010

the week in review - ish

The boys started Taekwondo yesterday.
Of course it goes without saying,
they love it!

As I was filling out their information cards (for Taekwaondo)
I looked up and saw my very dearest girlfriend,
the one who knows pretty much all my ugly
and loves me anyways.
Her boys were going to start the class, too!
So we got to catch up a bit, which was a nice treat.

Finally admitted that our freezer was dead.
Instead of a freezer to replace it, though,
we bought a brand new almost big side by side fridge.
Which meant moving the old fridge
(which now looks really junky...)
back into the kitchen.

I am officially an old lady.
I covered my flowers with sheets last night
to protect them from the potential freeze.
My porch thermometer apparently read 32 this morning;
I wasn't up that early, so I can't say for sure.
Maybe the kids were just trying make me feel better
being an old lady now?

It turns out
That the guy we bought the fridge from
is a budget-conscious builder.
And he is happy to share his tips and subs with us.
He also took us on a tour of his latest house
which he built for $50 a sq. ft.
Which is what we hope to do
(if we build)
and everybody says can't be done....

The big new of the week is
Lexi has gone without momma during the night
for the past two nights.
I was just exhausted all day
after getting up 30 plus times with Lexi the night before.
Poor girl came down with a cold and was having a miserable time.
I was so tired, I wasn't sure I could make it to her 1 a.m. sleeptime
and thought I'd just try to put her to bed early around 11:30.
Lets just leave it at things didn't go well
and I behaved badly
and Daddy woke up and took over.

I still am completely exhausted
and my under-eye bags are bigger than ever.
Of course, 
just 'cause I'm not tending to Lex' during the night
doesn't mean I'm sleeping perfectly.
And even if I were
I suppose it takes more than 2 nights 
to make up for over 7 years of chronic sleep deprivation.
But maybe the end is in sight.

Speaking of the end being in sight,
somebody needs a diaper change...

for more seven quick takes, visit Jen

Monday, October 25, 2010

udderly delighted

I was lying on the bed, shirtless.
When the caladryl on my back was dry,
I sat up to re-dress.
Lexi took one look at me
and laughed delightedly.
 she shouted.

Friday, October 22, 2010

poison ivy

I've got it.
All over my back.
(through 2 shirts ??)

I'd like to say it was worth it
'cause I got the perfect shot.
I didn't.

it wasn't.

taken walking back from the dam
blissfully unaware that I'd be an itchy mess in mere days

Thursday, October 21, 2010

keepin' me humble

I wore my hair up in a clippy today.
Which really is nothing new.
Since it'd been straightened, it actually looked almost cute.
Which isn't the norm.
I was out & about
and my clippy felt like it was slipping out
so I took it out
re-grabbed my hair
gave it a twist and stuck the clip back in
never giving it a second thought.

While at Hancock's
I saw a friend I hadn't seen in a year
the most put together lady I know.
I pretty sure Becky looks fabulous cleaning her toilets.
We chatted; I left.

I happened to look in a mirror at my next stop.
My hair was sticking straight up out of that clippy
in the back of my head.
Not a cool, funky straight up
just a 
'dang girl, you look in a mirror today?'
sticking straight up.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

reading lessons

I spend between 45 and 60 minutes a day 
doing reading lessons.
Jeremiah really struggled last year
so we didn't push it.
Consequently he's still learning to read.
I'd decided long ago that I was okay with my kids being late readers.
That's one of the beauties of home schooling;
if a child isn't ready - we can wait
and learning can be much less stressful.

I don't like the program.
I use it, because, for some reason
it works.
I tried to use my own 'program' based on 
and it just wasn't clicking.
When I pulled out -groaning all the while - 100 Lessons
things starting clicking.
but clicking all the same.

None of that is my point.
What I sat down to say is - I've added a small component
to an already effective program 
and it has really helped.
When we begin a lesson
we run through the flashcards
(letters written just like the stupid book has them)
of all the sounds Jeremiah has been introduced to.
This seems to help us move through the lessons more quickly.
The real bonus I've noticed is with the younger ones.
They get the flashcard as soon as it's been added for Jeremiah
but it's 2 - 4 weeks before Josiah and Lily will be
introduced to the sound in our reading book.
(Jeremiah is about 12 lessons ahead of Josiah
who is about 10-12 lessons ahead of Lily)
so that
by the time they reach a new sound in their book
they are already quite familiar with it.
Lexi even gets in on the action
and calls out the sounds she can remember
'eeee' being her favorite.
Speaking of The Beastie,
 she no longer hates homeschooling - which is a huge blessing!
speaking of reading lessons
I've got a little girl waiting on the couch for hers
right now.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

that was...unexpected

I am not Jeremiah's favorite person in the world.
Never have been - even as a tiny baby he preferred Papa
(which I thought was so unfair!
I  was the one nursing him, for goodness sake!)
I'm really fine with it now, though.
I think boys should prefer their dad,
just not 3 month old boys....

Jeremiah also despises shopping.
with a passion.
So when he kept telling me,
 "This is the best time I've ever had with you!"
with a huge grin on his round little face
I was more than a little surprised.
We were clothes shopping!

I decided to make an evening of it and take him to dinner, too.
Of course, he chose Marketplace Grill.
Ton' was working so we got good service :-)
(Ton' also talked me into letting the boy have a Sprite, 
which was a huge mistake)

I don't know when the last time was
that I took just Jeremiah somewhere.
He prefers to stay home; Josiah always wants to go.
Consequently, Josiah gets time alone with Momma fairly often.
I have a feeling, though,
 that maybe
now that he knows it's kinda fun
he might want to go shopping with me more often.
Then again, he might not..
He'd tried on 5 things - 3 of which didn't come close to fitting
and he told me, "Well, now you know what size I need
 so you can just go by yourself to buy it for me next time."
Lest you think he forgot all about his deep love for his papa
while spending an evening out with me - never fear.
He wanted to stop at the car wash on the way home
so we could wash Daddy's car for him as a surprise.
That boy does love his Papa!!

and, Jeremiah - Momma loves you!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

behind the lens

We don't usually participate in co-op.
take priority.
This time around, though, at the last minute 
Lana stepped up to be an assistant teacher for a crochet class
so she said she'd be the 'responsible adult'
 if Brandon and Jeremiah wanted to take any classes.
(Thanks, Lan!!)
Needless to say, Jeremiah dearly loves his classes!
Brandon wouldn't let you know if he dearly loved anything
(except his sisters - he's not a bit shy about that!)
but he is enjoying both his 'weapons of warfare' class
 and the photography class he's taking.

These are some of the photos he's turning in to his class teacher.
He still has a few assignments left - people, transportation, and tools.
Some are taken with his camera - a 5 megapixel Panasonic Lumix
and some with my new baby.
As you can clearly see - the boy's got potential!




Creative Lighting

Facial Expressions



another Landscape - 'cause he liked it so much, too :-)

Still Life 
(some of his classmates thought this looked like it'd been taken by a  professional)
Pretty sweet, huh?!
Great Job, Bud!
 Keep up the good work!!

my best day

Tyler had hoped to take Thursday off from work last week
but it didn't work out - so he took Tuesday off, instead.
Everyone slept in
and I made the most delicious waffles for breakfast.
Seriously ~ they were amazing,
still crispy even after warming in the oven.
I  need to make them again soon.

oh - back to my day.

 the scrumptious breakfast
I nursed Lex' - it would be her first time to go over 5 hours
 without momma.
And then we left for the day.
Just Tyler and I .
All by our lonesomes.
We went to Rogers and spent a lovely quiet day together
lazily shopping and eating and talking
and not being interrupted by whining or crying
or anything, for that matter,
except a welcomed text
telling us things at the house were going really well.
If I would've gotten a free birthday dessert
the day would have been just perfect.
As it is
it was pretty darn close.
Thanks, Love for giving me just the thing I needed this year.
I love you and am so blessed to be yours.

Monday, October 4, 2010


The boys went waayy overboard for my birthday!
I sorta figured they'd ordered something camera-related
but I was shocked to find a lens
when I opened my present!!
Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras
I'm scared of it
but they've been messing with it a bit.

hubba hubba

this wasn't with the new lens - but Brandon took it and I love it!!

this was taken by the old dog run (clear on the other side of our property)

and this - is one of my faves!
thanks, Guys!!! I love you all!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

confession time

Ever since we bought the new dryer
I have been using a whole dryer sheet
instead of my usual half.
What would possess me??
large image
One lonely sample sheet of Bounce came with the dryer.
One of the little boys nabbed it without my knowledge.
Every time I walked in their room
I smelled a fabulous smell.
How could their room smell so clean?!
Using my super sniffer, I figured it out
stole the sample back.
I used that sucker for four loads;
1/2 sheet each - twice!
And ever since
I've been using up whole dyer sheets
so I could buy me some Bounce.