Thursday, February 26, 2009

sewing fever

have been itching
to sew again.
I had to get the Hancock Fabric's sale paper
in the mail;
they've got some cute Spring fabrics!!
they even have PUL!!
(not that I need any, mind you)
Seeing as how
I can barely manage a shower
I'm not quite sure how I'll pull off sewing....
I could sew with Lexi in a carrier
(much of Mandy's wedding dress was sewn with Brandon in a carrier)
I'm not going shower that way!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

our poor deprived kids

we ended up at the library
during Storytime
(or maybe it was Toddler Time??)
so I let the little ones join in.
There were stories, songs, and a snack.
Josiah was telling Daddy all about it,
".... and we had goldfish and some red drink.
(looks at mom)
What was that stuff?"
That would be Koolaid.
Speaking of Josiah and Storytime,
he was such a good big brother to Lily
and I was so proud of him!

my favorite kind of burrito

A baby burrito!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

a very happy (but belated) birthday

to my very favorite son-in law!

Let's face it;
we've already given him
the very best gift we could ever give!

I'm not about to try to top that one!
still, I'm pretty sure
you are going to love it, Luke!

we love you!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

the girl has taste

I was going t o post yesterday
kept me quite busy!
Lily pulled out all of my shoes
- which isn't as bad as it sounds -
my collection is pathetic.
When she got to the pair I bought for the wedding
she said,
"these are cute!"
I should hope so
at $37.50
per shoe!
she's not all girly, though
notice the gun
(but overlook the dirty toenails - we do)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

about those naptimes

It seems
I'm not the only one enjoying our naps.
as Jeremiah snuggled up to me
(the boys take turns sleeping next to Mom & Lexi)
he smiled and said,
"I'm getting in my happy place"

Lexi lovin's

I love how Lexi is loving her bub

her Papa
Filed the taxes today.
That may end up
being my only accomplishment this week
I really hope to get all the thank-you cards finished, too.
I sorta like to have
both hands
for hand-written notes...
Lexi had her first really rough night last night
- or at least her momma did.
I'm hoping it was an anomaly!
Tyler ended up getting up with her around 2
so I could catch a few ZZZs.
I was snoring pretty quick-like.
Thanks, Love!!

All in all, she's been great.
Sooo much easier than the previous 4!!!
I can't look at Lexi for long
getting misty-eyed.
out of all the women in the world
did I get picked??
Thank-you, Lord

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Jeremiah has been hard at work
cleaning the kitchen
for the past 25 minutes or so.
I heard clanking coming from the kitchen
and figured Brandon must have been loading the dishwasher
(Tyler and Tony are at Riverwalk
so he's the man of the house this evening)
Loading the DW is my job
but I've been sorta busy lately
so the guys
have been pitching in to do my work.
Turns out
it wasn't Brandon;
it was Jeremiah.
And if he weren't attempting to bribe me
it'd be really sweet.
about a half hour ago
I told the boys,
"No, you can't watch the Apple Dumpling Gang."
I was going to tell them that they could watch a short movie
but as soon as they heard the 'no'
they commenced to throwing such hollering crying fits
I quickly changed my mind.
About the shorter movie, that is.
After being denied
'just one more chance'
Jeremiah resorted to
attempted bribery of an unelected official.
(in his words)
"took initiative so mom will let me watch a movie."
He's five!
washed the dishes, then put them in the DW.
(not properly, but still...)
He wiped off the top of the DW.
He washed the pan.
He even cleaned off the stove!
I'm still not letting him watch a movie
but he may have just earned a new job!

Monday, February 9, 2009

squealing with delight

I have this squeal
which is
- according to my children -
reserved only for when I find out a baby is on the way.
They can ascertain within seconds
based on
a) who I'm on the phone with
b) who's blog I'm visiting
Every once in awhile
I've been told not to tell anyone just yet
and I've had to sheepishly confess
my kids already know...."
I just can't help it!
and while I'm on the subject of new babies....
I hope
that I am present for the birth of some of my grandbabies
so I can feel that fresh-from-the-womb skin against my cheek again.
I don't know that I felt that with my first four
I got to hold their whole bodies...
But having my arms strapped down
for the c-sections,
the only thing I could touch my babies with
was my cheek.
There is absolutely nothing in the world
that feels like a newborn baby
still covered in 'cheese'

Thursday, February 5, 2009

ahh naptime

I love naptime.
Not for the reason one might think, though.
I can’t really even describe the feeling.
doesn’t really capture it
but it’s the best this non-linguist can come up with.

Tyler doesn’t really get it.
For him
naptime is all about the nap (for him, too)
For me
Naptime is a time for me to be with all the little ones.
I know
Lots of folks advocate a quiet time with everyone in their own room…
in this house, that’s an impossibility
so I go in the complete opposite direction
(not entirely unlike most things…..)

There’s a big window on the south side of the room
so it’s usually nice and warm in there.
Sometimes we listen to the Bible as we rest.
Sometimes we don’t.
Usually a little boy has to get up and go to the bathroom.
A swat or two isn’t at all uncommon.
Eventually one or all drift off to sleep.
And when they do
I just feel
happy. peaceful. content.

Of course
that’s not how it goes down every day.
Occasionally, naptime is more of a nightmare.
I don’t care to remember those naps;
but I sure don’t want to forget all the good ones!

sweet sisters just up from their nap

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

random thoughts

I’ve been amazed by how busy I have been
doing nothing
but holding/feeding/changing Lexi
with the occasional overseeing
of laundry doings and food prep/cleanup thrown in
loving on Lily and the little boys
and appreciating all the efforts of the big boys
(and loving them very much - just not so much lovin on them…)
I’ve found that if I sit in the rocker in the bedroom
Lily and Josiah will pretty much just hang out with me in there.
That’s been nice and cozy.
I am so
of sitting!
But I am healing nicely and will be glad to resume my normal activities.
Whenever I can manage to squeeze them in, that is.
Normal activities being cooking, cleaning, school and an occasional shower…
I finally slept in bed for the first time last night .
Much comfier than the couch!
I still used every extra pillow in the house, though
So far
Lexi is a dream baby!
She rarely cries and spends most of her time snoozing in her favorite spot.
We went to church yesterday.
I had to wear maternity pants!
I’ve never had to wear maternity clothes to church after having a baby.
I didn’t cry, though.
but did not.
Tyler says we haven’t ever gone only a week and a half after a baby’s arrival.
Nice try ~ but I still wore maternity pants!
Besides my pants problem,
church went well and little ones all did super.
I’d considered calling Luke and Lana and begging them to come,
but I didn’t.
Figured sooner or later
they’d have to go back to their church and we’d be on our own then;
we may as well start now.
I’m doing an online
book study.
Reading the
book and sitting and observing my children has been eye-opening.
I’ve always felt like I am fairly consistent, and when I give mercy
(which is admittedly often, because I feel like that’s what Jesus would do)
I let them know I’m giving mercy.
But what I realized
is that I must not be as consistent as I thought I was
because I have a serious obedience problem with my children!
And here I thought things were going pretty smooth
(although we have some ongoing issues with Josiah
that we still aren’t quite sure how to handle)
I need to crack down more, but at the same time be careful,
because we do have a new baby
and everyone’s place in the family has shifted……
I’m itching to begin gardening.
I so want to be successful this year!
I keep telling Tyler
all I need is a bunch of poo.
You wouldn’t think it’d be that hard to get manure!
After all our deliberating on where to put the garden,
we’re moving it.
Right up by the house, so it’ll be easy to get out and work in it every day.
I’m also itching to exercise.
that’s not entirely true.
I’m itching to see the benefits of exercise
I’m old enough to realize
I actually have to exercise.
At least I have a
great workout buddy!
I still have some thoughts I want to record from our hospital stay
before I forget what it was I wanted to remember.
Seeing as how I started this post about 6 hours ago
(make that 7 hours...)
I kinda doubt I’ll get to that today…
recently said
(and this isn't a direct quote, just my remembering...)
that when you have a baby
there is no 'return to normal'.
that normal no longer exists
and soon enough
the new normal will set in.
I'm just reminding myself of that -
since my entire day's accomplishment
this blog post!
well that, and a pretty happy baby girl