Monday, February 9, 2009

squealing with delight

I have this squeal
which is
- according to my children -
reserved only for when I find out a baby is on the way.
They can ascertain within seconds
based on
a) who I'm on the phone with
b) who's blog I'm visiting
Every once in awhile
I've been told not to tell anyone just yet
and I've had to sheepishly confess
my kids already know...."
I just can't help it!
and while I'm on the subject of new babies....
I hope
that I am present for the birth of some of my grandbabies
so I can feel that fresh-from-the-womb skin against my cheek again.
I don't know that I felt that with my first four
I got to hold their whole bodies...
But having my arms strapped down
for the c-sections,
the only thing I could touch my babies with
was my cheek.
There is absolutely nothing in the world
that feels like a newborn baby
still covered in 'cheese'


  1. congatulations...there in nothing like being a gramma.

  2. Grandma... That will have to grow on me, but I think it will be a role you will love!

  3. Yay hurray! I enjoyed reading her story on her blog! Exciting stuff for you!


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