Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the sage continues. and ends.

To make a ridiculously long story short
(ya'll would be so proud of me
I just deleted the whole sorry tale)
it now appears that my washer and dryer were not
in fact
after all.

The washer was messing up because of plumbing issues
after installing a third
- this time brand-new dryer -
(I was tired of messing around...)
I discovered that it is quite likely
that at least some of the dryer's issues
were due to a flipped circuit.

Did you know
that a large appliance
like a dryer
uses a double fuse or circuit??
and that when a dryer tumbles but does not heat
that is the likely culprit?
the 2 appliance guys I consulted with
were not aware of this either.

I now have my old working washer
and a brand new dryer
that I probably didn't need
and two
sort-of working appliance on a trailer
that I will be returning tomorrow
because I've already told the guy I was returning them.
Only now I have to tell him
that his dryer probably does work after all
and I am just stupid.

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  1. the original dryer was bad after all - it needed a timer, fuses & heating element ~ it wasn't worth it even to the appliance guy to fix - they just scrapped it. Makes me feel a bit better. PLUS, my new dryer is fabulous!


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