Tuesday, August 3, 2010

he's at it again

I was going to try to make it work;
I'm somewhat adaptable
after all.
the washer kept getting crankier and crankier.
I went and bought a new-to-me w/d set yesterday.
The guy delivered them around 5.
He tested both.
They seemed to work just fine.
Fast forward several hours;
I did a load.
I was happy my Tony would have a clean uniform
to wear to work today.
Washer worked fine
although there is a belt smell that I'm not thrilled about.
My new dryer works just like my old dryer.
air only.
It's ironic.
I've been writing a post in my head
about how I mange to get it all done.
By all
mind you
I mean all of the laundry.
I certainly don't get it all all done!
But I do manage to keep up with the laundry fairly well.
or rather, I did...


  1. I'd be calling and complaining or something!!! can you take them back? cuz that STINKS!!!!

  2. I've called - he hasn't returned my call... and actually, the washer doesn't work quite right either, the 2nd rinse cycle (Which I need for diapers & use for whites...) doesn't work. which isn't a HUGE deal, I mean, I can just turn it back to rinse again, but still....


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