Friday, August 20, 2010

Lex' loves rice

I was nursing Lexi
sort of getting ready
for getting ready
for bed
when I remembered it'd been a few hours since she'd eaten.
I always like to try to get her tummy good and full
in hopes that she'll wake less to nurse.
Sometimes it works;
sometimes it doesn't.
I asked, "Do you want some oatmeal?"
Lexi loves oatmeal.
Without unhooking, she said, "uh uh."
Then, her eyes lit up and she sat right up and said, "Rice!"
She hopped down
went to the fridge, pulled out the rice and grabbed a bowl.

Lexi loves rice, too.


  1. I think I need to write the word 'adorable' each time you post about Lexi. She just steals one's heart, doesn't she?
    PS. Someday I'll post about the visit from the moms... I've got the pictures ready, just no creative juice to piece it together.

  2. haha, so cute!

    Love that smile, that's aiden's 'eating a yummy food' smile too :)


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