Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shawn, you ASTOUND me!

I've done it again.
A small flash of pure genius
that just tickles me to no end.
Cutting bangs has always been a bit tricksy;
you just have to trim off 1/4 - 1/3 of an inch
but the kid is all worried about getting hair in their eyes.
And to be fair
said kid usually does get hair in their eyes
because they didn't listen to Momma,
"Just keep your eyes shut."
I have masking taped 1 ply of t.p. to the forehead
and that method works decently
at keeping all those short pokey hairs out
but drawing on eyebrows in exactly the right spot is a challenge.
I taped a sandwich bag to Lily's forehead
and it worked beautifully!
She could still see,
so she didn't have the frustration of being blinded by the toilet paper
and I could see right where I needed to cut
and not one trimmed hair came near her eyes!
It would have been really perfect
if I'd have had her stand over the trash can;
the hair would've just slid right off the bag into the trash!

*It goes without saying, but if you try this,
careful of plastic by the nose and mouth. yada yada yada*

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  1. can you not just open the sandwich bag and let the hair fall into it?? you could even use a piece of plastic wrap if you happen to be out of sandwich bags! (and you could make your own pocket to catch the hair.....)


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