Saturday, August 14, 2010

night math

This is one of those days
when I wonder if it might have been better
to just not have gone to bed
at all.
Lexi woke up ten times
in nine hours.
I nursed her anywhere from 12 - 30 minutes each time.
I normally just fall back asleep at some point while she's nursing;
not last night.
Not even one time.
In addition to taking care of Lex' needs,
Lily woke up 3 times needing attention
so I was back and forth between the girls all night,
sleeping often with Lily
in an attempt to keep her from waking up yet again.
Lily isn't quite so easy to tend to in the night;
she doesn't nurse (obviously ;-)
and often isn't really fully awake
so she's not exactly rational...
I haven't attempted to figure out how much sleep
I actually got.
Not sure my calculations would be accurate anyways.
This is one of those days
I wish I used caffeine.

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