Saturday, August 28, 2010

7 quick takes - late August edition

Tyler and I went out on a date Tuesday evening.
It’s been quite awhile since we had a proper date.
Proper date meaning
we aren’t making a quick run to the grocery store…
It wasn’t exactly for our anniversary
which sorta got lost in all the busy of late
but more in honor of it.
Less pressure that way, I think.

We went to the movies on said date
and had a blast.
which I don’t exactly recommend, per se,
but we did both laugh out loud
several times.
And we had the theater pretty much to ourselves.
There may or may not have been some kissin’ going on.

While waiting for show-time
Tyler gave me an anniversary gift.
(I gave him a trip to Belize ~ that counts, right?)
Money for a camera!!!
He didn’t even know I’d been eyeing some;
He just figured it was time for me to step up a bit.
I’m a little nervous about my lack-of-retention
I was planning to wait
‘til I got next year’s challenge money to buy one
in hopes of my brain returning by then
so I could actually learn to use the thing.

Josiah was playing with fabric scraps a few weeks ago
and put together a quilt for the girls.
He got to operate the foot pedal
while I sewed.

I’m glad I put my own sewing aside to do this with him;
I’m not always good at that.
Actually, just 2 days earlier
Jeremiah had wanted to sew something
and I told him I was too busy to help,
he’d have to do it on his own.
I wish I could have a do-over.

Speaking of Josiah
he is really maturing lately.
That boy has been a challenge
pretty much his whole life,
so this is big.

Lexi is an awful lot like her brother
Enough said.
Ya’ll pray for us.

Ya’ll pray for us, would you?
We are trying to discern God’s will for our family.
This is nothing new
we’re always trying to discern His will
we’re thinking He may be taking us
in a bit of a different direction than we’ve been heading
so we need to be extra-discerning


  1. i LOVE josiah's quilt!
    I know what he will be doing if we have a little girl ;)
    That's really really cute!

    I love the picture of Lexi with the glasses, Aiden's been wearing my glasses lately and it is the funniest thing :D unfort, the camera hasn't been here any of those times :/

  2. and congrats on the camera! you didn't tell me about that!
    Is this the DSLR, or the higher tech digital one? they have similar names... anyways, if this is "mine" you can probably get it cheaper on the canon site, unless this has accessories with it that aren't included there. "my camera" ;) was 499.99 on the canon website.

  3. the camera is a step up from the $499 one, but Amazon has the same price as the canon store on 'yours' :-) but you can get free ship at both places - so it's a wash.

    oh, hey - you don't by any chance have our staple gun???

  4. staple gun? I don't think so.
    .... Unless, did Dad use it when they did electric work? even so, i can't imagine where it could be. it's not in our closet at least.
    Let me look in the hall 'closet'
    not in hall closet, but i found staples. evidence!
    looking outside...

  5. looked through the boxes that had been in our closet, no luck. I did find, however, one of Aiden's bathtime balls that had been missing.

    if it was still here as of the yard sale, it might have been one of the things dad took home when he cleaned out our closet. Sorry :(
    If i think of anywhere else it might be, I'll look... i'll look a few places again, JIC.


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