Tuesday, August 3, 2010

this is sorta how I'm feeling about now

would it surprise anyone that while I was posting this
my kitchen was flooding??


  1. Oh dear!! what can I do to help??

  2. I had a good cry ~ I'll be fine
    besides, this video cracks me up. I feel so bad for the poor alien girl - but it's hilarious anyways.

  3. it WAS a funny video, and I laughed out loud, and then reprimanded myself because if that was how you were feeling, then by no means was it funny at all. glad your getting things figured out! and your not stupid, I mean, who knew?? not even the appliance guys! how exactly did you figure all that out anyway??? love you dearly! when do the guys leave for belize?

  4. when the THIRD dryer had no heat, I began to suspect something was amiss, so I troubleshooted 'dryer tumbles, no heat'.....

    they leave Monday. Sunday is our 23rd anniversary, so I'd like to have them all ready to go by Sat, so we can celebrate a little.....
    love you so much, too :-)

  5. I remember the first time I saw this - it was at your house in Ft. Smith. Only said she even remembers it. I should have called you this last week! I'm so sorry I've neglected you. Do we need to keep your other kiddos so you can celebrate? I told Dave about what the final problem was and he said "how did she know what the problem was?!" It's because she's smart!


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