Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer, what have you done to me??

I don't know what to say.
I just don't.

I was grabbing just a bite
(albeit a big one, Lana)
before heading to bed,
of the chocolate coconut cheesecake ice-cream
in the big freezer.
It was soft;
that freezer has issues,
so I moved it into the little fridge freezer.
That's when I saw them.
There are
- brace yourself -
containers of ice-cream in my freezer!
five, if you count Brandon's personal Breyers' snickers carton
but it just has a tiny dollop left
(and, technically, it's in the faulty freezer,
not with the other four offenders)
We don't eat sugar.
Sugar is of the devil.
(well, almost)
It does bad stuff to people;
I know this!
And here I sit,
having either purchased myself
or authorized the purchase of all this poison.
All in the name of 'summer treats'.
I can't toss it;
that would be wasteful
and everyone knows I'm a frugal gal
but please,
stop me!


  1. Oh, dear Tracy! You are much too hard on yourself! after all, you are ONLY human! It has been a very hot intense summer, cut yourself a little slack. I am not actually crazy about the cold stuff, but on a hot summer day, it is awfully good. enjoy it, and then,get back to normal. hows that?

  2. You could invite your friendly neighbors over to help you get rid of the evil stuff... They're not as picky about sinning


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