Monday, August 16, 2010


I was all proud of myself
for remembering
first thing this morning
to renew our library books.
Problem is
I remembered the wrong day!
They should have been renewed Wednesday.
21 books.
So now I have a $9.60 fine.
I could have bought a book with that!
Of course, in thinking about it
I don't go to the library on Mondays.
I don't go anywhere on Mondays.
Tony works on Mondays.
I am stuck home with no vehicle on Mondays.
oh why
did I have in my head all week
that they were due Monday??
I miss my brain!


  1. MAN!!! you should sign up so that you can renew online (you may have to do that in the library) and you can also adjust your settings (or have them do it) so that you get an email when your books are almost due. it's pretty cool!

  2. do renew online ~ didn't know I could get an e-mail reminder - will 'go' see about that right now. Thanks!


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