Sunday, August 8, 2010

nope, she can't

the guys are packed
and ready to go
besides snacks and just a couple of other things from Walmart.

I only managed to get 4 pairs of pants
and 2 shirts made.
They took quite a bit longer than I expected
but overall I am pretty pleased with how everything turned out.
I think it's some of my best workmanship
and I learned a lot.
(nothing that I can remember at the moment. boo!)
I wasn't nervous, exactly,
but I really didn't want to mess these up.
I mean
I didn't want to end up with something that looked
or truthfully, even hand-made.
That's fine for girl's dresses
and kids clothes,
but a man doesn't really want to walk around in something
that screams 'my wife / mum made this'...
I don't think their clothes scream that.
whisper it, perhaps, but not scream...
Tyler's shirt
went together especially well.
(or is it good? I'm so tired, I'm not sure....)
I just grabbed a shirt from his closet
threw it on top of the fabric
and cut.
My pieces all matched up perfectly!
I've not had that happen before
even with store bought patterns.
Too bad it fit Tony perfectly
and not Tyler.

Of course
we didn't manage to squeeze in a photo shoot
before they got packed...
I love you both
and am so excited to see how God uses you this week.


  1. Sounds to me like you did a great job even if you didn't finish all the shirts, and i can't wait to see pictures :)
    If you need anything this week or want to bring the kiddos by
    (or you could come to) let me know.
    I am still running that fever but starting to have a hard time believing that it could possibly still be contagious after over a month...

  2. I am excited to see these too...wonderwoman....


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