Monday, August 30, 2010

just do it

When people see something I've sewn
I often hear "I wish I could sew like that!"
or some other sentiment along those lines.

Just do it.

The only way to be able to sew 'like that'
is to start sewing.
I haven't always been able to sew like this.
Almost every time I make something,
Tyler comments on how my skills have improved.
And he's right!
This was my very first clothing refashion
almost exactly 2 years ago
and this was this week's.
Big difference!
(I see my photography skills have improved - thankfully - too)
I would have never been able to make what I make today
without learning
I'm looking forward to what I'll be able to make tomorrow.

You want to be able to sew?
Start sewing.
You want to paint?
Start painting.
You want to ride a bucking bronco?
Start riding.
Just don't expect to stay on the beast right out of the chute.

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