Saturday, August 21, 2010

sometimes I wonder

why we bother to buy toys.

Lily was playing with something at nap time.
I had her give it to me.
She did, but I could see she was concealing something else.
I asked, "Do you have another toy?"
She nodded and I held out my hand.

A ball of fluff
smaller than a cotton ball,
that's what she was trying to hang on to
for her nap-time playing pleasure.
A little ball of fluff.
I think I need to sort through the play room again.


  1. The question I have is, which stuffed animal is she unstuffing? Or was it from a coat? Or was it from... well, it's too white to be a dust bunny!

  2. she has a big toy flower that's ripped so it probably came from that


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