Wednesday, August 4, 2010

just what I needed

Brandon got this card today
as a (very kind, but un-necessary) thank-you from Grampa Bil
for all his hard work Saturday
(Tyler & Brandon went to help Bill replace the kitchen floor
and by replace, I mean replace.completely. down to the dirt, replace...)
Needless to say
I've grown a bit weary from the events of the past several weeks
and I was still sniffling
about never mind what
when Brandon opened his card and showed it to me.
I busted out laughing
and things didn't seem quite so bad after all.
so, thanks, Bill, for the timely thanks


  1. haha! that's cute, in a ugly cute dog sort of way ;)heehee, it makes me laugh too.

  2. I think he looks rather Eddie Murphy-ish. Love you, Baby Girl


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