Wednesday, August 4, 2010

can she do it?

Can she turn these 14 yards of Italian linen
4 pairs of pants
5 shirts
by Saturday??

We shall see.

probably not
with this kind of help

(Shanna - that is the quilt I was wondering about)


  1. Ooo... Italian linen is sooo nice! I hope you can do it! Nathan made us outfits out of It. linen and they are so comfortable. Unfortunately, the skirt was made to fit me a few months after baby was born. While I'm happy it doesn't fit this summer, I'm a bit sad since it was such wonderful fabric!

  2. maybe he can make it smaller??

    I've only got 1 pr of pants (minus the hem) done so far. the rest are cut out, but it's been slow going....

  3. hey - I may need Nathan's wisdom/expertise ~ for the shirts, I need to do something really simple. Just a pull-over, nothing fancy at all, but I'm not sure about the neck. Nate??


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