Friday, August 13, 2010

mail time

On Fridays
when I worked a double shift at Shoney's
would drive over to my apartment
and check my mail.
She was always looking for the same thing:
a letter from my love
I got two
(count them, two!)
Three, if you want to be technical
but two of them were really the same note; sent in two parts
'cause technology works that way sometimes.
The difference between 24 years ago
when the letters flew fast and furious between us
and today is
back then
I had one shot at getting a letter.
If the mail came and there was no letter,
that was it for the day;
I'd start anticipating tomorrow's mail run.
This week
I have been checking my e-mail and facebook
like a crazy woman
just waiting for those three little words
One thing that hasn't changed
after all these years:
the thrill I feel
Tyler -------
in the return address

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