Wednesday, August 20, 2008


provided t-shirts for everyone to wear to Racing Day.
Needless to say
they didn't have any sized 24 months
inspired by this
I remade Lily's t-shirt into a fun little dress.
have never seen
who looks
as hideous in a t-shirt
as I do
I refashioned mine
using one of my regular shirts as a guide.
Can't do anything about that bright orange, though....
(lovingly chosen instead of the other
equally bright and unattractive-for-wearing colors
in honor of my boys who love orange)

The Pie
does not want to wait until Sunday
to wear her dress!


  1. cool! Those are pretty neat looking shirts, despite the terrible colors for wearing :^)

    Lily's dress looks really neat :)

  2. I just used "neat" twice in two sentences, using only eighteen words. I should be sternly reprimanded.

  3. Well, Sunshine Princess, it's pretty neat that you can use such a neat word to neatly describe the neat situation that your mother neatly posted. hahaha!

    Just a little humor from your Aunt Kaylana

    Great job on the dress! I'm thinking about turning some of my frayed dress shirts into shirts for Adrienne. ...thoughts?

  4. I'm not sure about turning one into a shirt ~ I suppose you'd salvage any hems & seams possible to make it easier...
    here's a gal who turned a ladies shirt into a little girl's dress


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