Monday, March 1, 2010

the new challenge

"I never realized money would be such a motivator for you."
That's what he said last year
after issuing my post-baby fitness challenge
(which I wholeheartedly embraced)
I haven't had my own spending money since I was 18!
I've gotten a bit of birthday and Christmas money
quite honestly
up until a few years ago
that money just sort of got absorbed into the household.
Nearly a thousand dollars
all to myself??
Oh yeah, I was all over that!
I finished the challenge Feb 16th
- not as strong as I would have preferred -
exercising 309 out of 352 days.
And now
I have a Momma Account
(actually - the teller spelled it wrong - I have a 'Moma' acct.)
with 927 smack-a-roos.
While I'm developing some good habits,
I thought another challenge
this year
might help those habits
really stick.
Tyler lovingly obliged
but not before adding up how much money he might be out this time.
Oddly enough
the Olympics
really messed up my exercising groove.

The irony isn't lost on me.
My new challenge begins today
and will be
- well -
more challenging
but certainly not unattainable
which is just how challenges should be.


exercise will be a combination of cardio and strength-training

120 minutes per week = $5
Every week with 180 minutes = a bonus of $1 per day exercised
(a 'day' is a minimum of 20 minutes to qualify for bonus)
a minimum of 42 weeks with 150 minutes
(which is the real goal, here. 150 minutes, not 42 weeks...)
gets me $12 per week (instead of just the $5)
1 hour/day maximum
I can't make up the whole week
on Saturday and Sunday....
27 minutes down
123 to go


  1. What an awesome idea! I love it. I thought you looked great yesterday when I stopped by.

  2. Boy Oh Boy! Alicia is working me to my limit and beyond at the gym. Wish I was getting paid for that!!!! A most excellent job Tracy! congrats on reaching your goal!

  3. congratulations. I'm sure you can do the next challenge - it'll be good for you too :)
    The olympics messed up my groove a little, and then me and Aiden both being sick completely annihilated the groove.

    Time to make a new groove.
    Motivator: losing baby fat before I get pregnant again and gain it all back :)

  4. but what are you gonna do with all that money? Is a tulsa shopping trip in order? I would love to go with you and help you spend your money on you :)
    I helped Hannah spend money in Oct, and it was fun :)

  5. Wish I could have Lish as a PT - she'll get you whipped into shape in no time! As much as I hate doing the 30 day shred while I'm doing it - I love it when I'm done, because I know it was a REAL workout.

    I don't know yet what all I'm gonna spend my $$ on ~ I have lots of ideas.... I'm not ready for clothes-shopping, yet, though. which, honestly, is why Dad offered the challenge; he figured I'd need all new clothes after all that exercise....sadly, not quite how it worked out BUT - at least I didn't GAIN weight.... and I did lose some... (just not as much as I'd hoped I would)


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