Monday, March 29, 2010

before and after (x 2)


  1. very pretty, girls, dress, earrings and all!

  2. That picture of Lexi and Lily is absolutely probably the cutest picture EVER!!!!! (oh and I am stealing it!)the dress is adorable! and the earrings....what a big brave girl and I am VERY glad you did not have me do it, cuz I am just not sure I could have. I have pierced hundreds of ears, but those girls? no thanks. I would have cried. so brave! and super cute! I just know she is gonna LOVE them!can't wait to see you all on easter! hugs!
    Oh, it is NOW( and the whole month of april) morel mushroom season. put on some bug spray and get out there!

  3. I thought Lexi wanted in the picture - but what she really wanted was to steal the seat. She wasn't lovin' on her; she was pushing her off...

    yeah - we thought about having you do her ears. But, I figured if I wouldn't even go with her, I sure wouldn't ask YOU to do it. Turns out, she was so big, it would've been just fine.

    yep - Easter will be fun (day after Easter - not so much!)
    love you :-)

  4. How absolutely beautiful! When I saw these I was blown away by how beautiful she looked - I mean she is a cutie anyway, but wow! Great job on the dress! Looks like a fashion boutique dress with all the pretty flowers... Wishing I had a little one again!


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