Wednesday, March 10, 2010


was some dark
The boys let me sleep in ridiculously late this morning
and still
I hadn't managed to wrack up even close to 5 hours of sleep.
For the first few hours of the night (morning?)
my mind wouldn't shut off;
I was designing houses and a quilt back
but beyond that
oh my goodness
the girl
not sleep
sorry - my boob was in her mouth.
And frankly - I get a bit tired of that!
and it kills my shoulder.
and my back.
By 4:45
I'm pretty sure
I hadn't slept a wink
but I was so exhausted, I may be wrong...
She has been sleeping poorly for quite some time
but this was extreme.
Somewhere during the 5 o'clock hour
Tyler said
"That girl is wired!"
that may have been me.
It had been a long day
and in the quiet of the house
well - the relative quiet - machines were all going...
I had a half-a-cup of GFIC french vanilla cafe.
I've looked & looked for the decaf version
but can't find it anywhere.
I've tried the vanilla bean latte
and I just don't care for it as much.
If I'm gonna have the calories, by golly,
they ought to be good ones!
It wasn't an oversight;
I really gave it some thought
but figured
how much caffeine can really be in it?
I mean
it's mostly sugar
and hydrogenated oils.
more caffeine than one would think.
That was some dark jujumagumbo!


  1. I'm thinking it's probably a good thing I didn't give you the Dr Pepper I had planned on...

  2. I can sympathize with the 'no-sleep' baby! Etienne was like that for three days last week. Turns out we were all getting a cold. Ugh! What a long week!

    As for caffeine, I'm the one that's awake at 4 am - a full 12 hours after my little sip! Nathan can drink a pot of Italian espresso and sleep soundly! How??


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