Tuesday, March 30, 2010

happy birthday


  1. What exactly is this cake made out of?

    I love the dress re-make. So cute! Happy b-day Lily!

  2. awwwww, thats sweet! you are so creative! I am guessing coconut?

  3. yup ~ colored coconut, The daisy was Lana's idea & it made it just perfect!

    bake cake - cool slightly & poke a ton of holes in it with a skewer.

    Mix a can of cream of coconut & a can of sweetened condensed milk & slowly pour over cake (I pour & stop, pour & stop,etc)

    top w/ coolwhip & coconut.

    best made a day ahead & there's NOT a thing healthy about it, but it is oh so delicious!

  4. Oh, that sounds DELICIOUS!! Have to try that sometime and take it to church or something, since we couldn't and shouldn't eat it all ;)

  5. ooooh, it was SOOOO good. Only today did I realize that Luke and i shouldn't have eaten any of it... Oops.


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