Tuesday, March 9, 2010

it's my

I have wanted this fabric
ever since Ashley posted about the quilts she made with it.
When I couldn't find it online anywhere
I boldly wrote the designer
asking where I might purchase some.
I know.
I felt like a stalker.
She very kindly wrote back
and gave me a list of shops that should have the fabric.
And then
I hesitated.
Designer fabric is not cheap.
Nor is it inexpensive....
I have never before
laid eyes
on fabric that I liked so much.
A whole collection - just begging to made into a quilt.
Large blocks, though
because the fabric is so very lovely
After many hours over the course of months
of scouring the internet
and finding a piece here
and a piece there
I finally found
And I bought it.
Thanks, Hon!


  1. The is BEAUTIFUL fabric! I can't what to see what lovely creation you are going to fashion with it. These colors are fabulous. I may have to stop by for a visit because you are aspiring!

  2. These patterns are fantastic! And so YOU!

    I checked out the designer's blog. I loved her section about how she designs a pattern - starting out with something SO simple! Who knew? Wow! I think I'll pass the info on to our art teacher. It's very inspiring, indeed. :-)

  3. I'm SO happy you found the whole line!!! It thrills me to know how much you like it. I cannot wait to see what you make with it!!! Keep in touch and I'll check back in to see if you post your creations!

  4. beautiful, mom! I'm sure you'll have a blast with them :)


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