Friday, March 19, 2010

7 quick takes in March

The Master of the house
is quite bothered by the fact that the woman
hasn't bothered to post in an entire week.
Figured I'd best remedy that;
I like to keep Master happy

Sickness in the house again.
It's become a more-than-monthly affair
and frankly - I'm tired of it.
Fortunately, nothing too serious this time around.

We've come up with a house plan that we really like;
we just have to shrink it a bit.
maybe a lot.

Lexi is now a wearer of
not only shoes
but socks, too.
but only on cold days.
She has no use for them otherwise.
if we ooh & ahh
she'll keep a bow in her hair for about 8 seconds.
She's also adding to her vocabulary daily
and becoming quite fun.
when she's not a crab, that is.


Speaking of '4'
this four-year old boy has turned a corner!
He is becoming such a nice, self-controlled young man.
Josiah - Momma is so proud of you!

I found a 20" x almost 5' space
to use as a 'sewing room'
so I'll be able to have my machines out
and at the ready all the time.
(never mind where I'm putting what was filling up that space)
That makes me happy.
Trying to organize my stuff
doesn't make me happy;
it makes me crazy.
When you are dealing with mere inches,
placement is very important....

We bought a new vehicle today.
A 2000 Excursion.
It's hard to part with hard-earned cash.

I'm coming up blank here
and Lex' just might be ready for bed.
Come to think of it
I just might be ready for bed, too.
but of course, I'll have to get my exercise in first...

I thought of a #7
It's here!!
And I love it as much as I thought I would.
And now I'm all stressed trying to figure out
what to do with it.
I thought I knew;
but now I'm second-guessing myself.

and now - the girl is
most definitely
ready for bed

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  1. Congratulations on the new vehicle! Sounds like you've been so busy and so many things going on in our life lately. Can't wait to see what you're creating with that beautiful material. I think of you so often, beautiful Momma!


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