Friday, October 22, 2010

poison ivy

I've got it.
All over my back.
(through 2 shirts ??)

I'd like to say it was worth it
'cause I got the perfect shot.
I didn't.

it wasn't.

taken walking back from the dam
blissfully unaware that I'd be an itchy mess in mere days


  1. Oh Girl, I'm so sorry! Wish there were something I could do. Miss talking to you.

    Saw Tony tonight. Didn't know he was working until we already sat down. He looked really busy.

  2. I'll be fine :-)

    Yeah, he doesn't normally work Fridays. Hope he's makin' good money then ;-)

  3. for crying out loud, how on EARTH did you get poison ivy on your back?

  4. Okay, I'm really wondering why you are the only one that got this little delight? Did they have camo on the disguised them from the pesky weed?

    Next time we'll ask for him when we arrive.

  5. In my defense - before I laid on the ground to take these awesome (nonexistent) pictures - I asked, "is there any poison ivy there?" and was told "no". soon as I laid (lied?) down, Jeremiah said, "Mom - you're right on poison ivy." but, because SOMEBODY told me there wasn't any ivy there, I didn't believeJeremiah and stayed. you know, to get my perfect shot....

  6. ucky!

    @mrs. Lynnet - i think some people don't have reactions to it. I've walked obliviously through a patch of poison ivy - barefooted no less - and didn't learn for weeks 'oh, that's poison ivy, don't go there'... never had a sign of a rash, surprising since i have all sorts of allergies and intolerances, and very picky skin... honestly, so far in my life (i've heard you can develop a reaction to poison ivy) letting hay touch my bare skin would bother me more than poison ivy.


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