Thursday, October 21, 2010

keepin' me humble

I wore my hair up in a clippy today.
Which really is nothing new.
Since it'd been straightened, it actually looked almost cute.
Which isn't the norm.
I was out & about
and my clippy felt like it was slipping out
so I took it out
re-grabbed my hair
gave it a twist and stuck the clip back in
never giving it a second thought.

While at Hancock's
I saw a friend I hadn't seen in a year
the most put together lady I know.
I pretty sure Becky looks fabulous cleaning her toilets.
We chatted; I left.

I happened to look in a mirror at my next stop.
My hair was sticking straight up out of that clippy
in the back of my head.
Not a cool, funky straight up
just a 
'dang girl, you look in a mirror today?'
sticking straight up.


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