Tuesday, October 27, 2009

going green got easier

Reversible wal-mart style shopping bags!

Aren't they so cute?!
It's easy to use re-usable shopping bags at some stores
(the hard part is remembering the bags.)
but other stores, like Walmart?
I kinda think they frown on it.
they sell flimsy re-usable bags for $ .99
actually using them,
I think the checkers wouldn't like so much.

And so I thought
if the bag was just like a wal-mart bag
the checker wouldn't be inconvenienced any.
You could just load your groceries on the belt
go load your bags on the bag-turn around thing.
They use 2/3 yard for each side
with some scraps leftover for quilts :-)
and go together in about 30 - 40 minutes.

The hard part
will be remembering to bring the bags...


  1. You convinced me !!!!!!!! I'm ready to buy..Let me know.
    By the way, Congratulations Grandma!!!!!!!!
    He is gorgeous like his Mama and Granny.......

  2. well, those are VERY cool. yes, remembering them would be the tough part! they would make a nice beach bag too!

  3. Reusable bags are 'the' thing here! You'd fit right in!

    As for remembering them, I help Nathan by getting the boxes and bags back in the car (when 'I' take the trash out). Then when he forgets them - at least he only has to run out to the car...

    As for the reversible part - why? So they are extra durable? So they can match whatever color you're wearing?


  4. I'm with you on this one - remembering is the hardest thing in using these bags! I try to throw them in the trunk with my coupon book. I like your colorful bags! So do you have a pattern to share? I still have your pottery that the boys made. Hopefully I'll see you on Sunday.

  5. Nana ~ go buy you some fabric & come see me :-)

    'Net ~ you bet

    Why Reversible?
    that's just cause I like things all nice & tidy. (I know - my house doesn't reflect this, but it really is true. My house may be a wreck - but, by golly, my shopping BAGS look good :-)
    So, if I'm going to line it, it may as well be reversible.... you could make one side pretty & one side more manly...

  6. so nice!! those look great!!
    I think I have seen an online tutorial for this sort of bag, but it wasn't reversible....

    i bet it is sturdier reversible, though I kinda figured that your primary reason was what you said just now :)

    If nana frey comes, LMK so I can see her and she can meet Luke and Aiden :)

  7. you saw a tute for these bags?? where?? I spent about 20-30 minutes looking & couldn't find one.

  8. um.... I can't remember... it's been months ago. I think.

  9. Here is a link to a tutorial I found a while back. Yours looks pretty much the same. (Great job, by the way!) I bookmarked it thinking I'd use it soon. ha ha I still haven't.


    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Shannon- thanks! That's not exactly how I did mine ~ but it sure works! I may try that way & see if I like it better... not sure how I couldn't find it ~ ah well - it's good for my poor brain to do some 'figuring' once in a while


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