Friday, May 6, 2011


"So, what are you going to tell him?" my husband asked.
And then I started feeling foolish;
I don't have any major problems,
no laundry list of complaints
and yet, here we were,
driving over an hour away
to visit a doctor, of all people.
And I hate doctors.
But I was actually rather excited to go.
I haven't been 'normal' in a really long time.
(though some would say I've never been normal...)
As I told Dr Baker,
I understand that 'normal' is going to change
with children and seasons of life.
But this me,
this person that I am now, 
and have been for a long time,
can't possibly be the normal that I should be.
Please, God, No!!
My biggest fear was that he would listen to me ramble
and then tell me there was nothing medically wrong me;
I'm just flawed.
Hopelessly, disgustedly flawed.

But thank goodness,
that's not what he said.
I'm hopeful that soon, with some supplements
and bioidentical hormones - created specifically for me
I'll be a new me;
 a perfectly normal
I'm ready!


  1. well, I think YOU are just fabulous, just how you are, but I hope you feel better soon, whatever is ailing you!

  2. hope he can help! love ya!

  3. Can someone please tell me what normal is?
    Friday I said that we finally had a normal day - but it was definitely a "new" normal...

  4. ...i don't think normal is actually a real thing. i think it's science fiction. or maybe just fantasy.


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