Friday, May 20, 2011

changing of seasons

I decided to join the gypsy mama's
five minute Friday.

She posts a prompt - you write for 5 minutes.
I followed the rules
(there's always a 'but' with me, isn't there? Don't answer that...)
I did go back and the links after my timer went off.

 When Luke and Lana left the other day
there was a bit of a sigh.
It was a good visit, but it was a reminder that
they are in such a busy stage of life
where little ones are constantly demanding
- well - 
pretty much everything.
We were in those very shoes not so very long ago.
Just weeks ago, really, we were still where they are.
But the times, they are a changin’...
In the past few days
we have noticed things settling down just a little bit.
We’ve managed to go through entire meals without a spill.
not often, but compared to
having at least one spill, well – it’s noteworthy.
Lexi has gotten to the point 
where she can communicate pretty much everything she needs to.
Jeremiah and Josiah are going to bed a bit a bit easier.
The LEM is almost finished.
Soon, we may even actually have some margin.

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