Friday, May 13, 2011

not again

Ever since Marcos has been here,
we've been eating more beans than usual.
Partly because he really likes them
and partly because
when you add an adult eater to the family
but you didn't get a raise,
you eat more beans.
Black beans, pintos, and lentils, mostly.
Lexi truly loves beans,
but the rest of the kids - not so much.
They like them okay so long as we eat them sparingly...
One of them noticed the connection between Marcos
and the increased legume consumption and said,
"I wish Marcos didn't come here; we eat beans all the time now."
I've been laying off the beans some.
Ever since the water heater leaked
(which happened right after our main line leaked
and just before some other minor catastrophe - I forget which one)
we've had an occasional (extra) stink coming from the bathroom.
We haven't figured out a trigger,
some times it stinks
and sometimes it don't.
The girls were hopping out of the tub this evening 
when the stink started.
Lily sniffed.
"Well - smells like we're having lentils.
And maybe some other beans for dinner."

We actually had a very yummy dinner of Fajita rice.
did not

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