Saturday, May 14, 2011

the question all little girls are asking

Lily saw me measuring out some coconut oil.
"Are you making dessert?" she asked excitedly.
"Why does everyone jump to the conclusion 
I'm making dessert?" I responded.
(I was - but can't a mom surprise the fam??)
"Oh. Are you making deodorant?"

All across America,
cute little four-year olds are asking their moms
that very question.


  1. For Samuel or Adrienne, it would be, "Are you making perfume?" ...and they'd be asking their Papa - not me. Haha!

  2. lol, no one can accuse our families of being typical :D

  3. I just discovered Coconut oil and I just have to ask DO YOU make deoderant? I use mine to mix with essential oils.

  4. OK Joy is tired and just now noticed the link...gonna check it out!!


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