Monday, May 9, 2011

trash or treasure?

Call me silly - but I think the one on the right is a keeper.

Not everyone in the house thinks so;
I found the McD's trash
(incidentally, skip the frozen strawberry lemonade; go to Sonic!)
in a place of honor on the windowsill
and had to go digging through 3 days of trash
to rescue the spill-proof, BPA free polycarbonate one
Does make me wonder what other treasures
may have been deemed trash.
Especially since in my brief digging,
I also found a napkin, a comb, and a peanut butter jar lid...

ooh - trash digging.
That reminds me;
today is a great day to dumpster dive at the 
cemetery :-)
which further reminds me...
here's a post from a year ago that I never actually posted:

It was drizzling when I pulled up.
A white car drove slowly past;
the driver paid me no mind .
I stepped out of the car into the mist
and moved swiftly.
From the other side of the smoke colored glass,
I could hear the children cackling.
* * * * *
Growing up in Chicago Heights,
we had a neighbor,
Leroy loved to roam the neighborhood on trash day
looking for treasures.
When he found one
he'd drag it home
and proudly declare it,
"Brand new, almost"

As we drove down the bumpy road
heading for home
Jeremiah threw back his head and laughed,
"That's the first time I ever saw you go dumpster diving!"
I'm thinking after Memorial Day we'll go again.
The kids want to help me next time.
(Tyler will be glad to go to work)

I never go junkin' that I don't remember Leroy
and when I brought these babies home
I said to no one in particular,
"Brand new. Almost."
Who knew such treasures could be found
in the dumpster
at the cemetery?

lest there be any confusion - we found the flower, not the baby :-)

You find any treasures in the trash lately??

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