Thursday, May 19, 2011

still alive

and kickin'

Tyler and the boys finished drywalling the LEM
(without my help)
and the first coat of mud has been applied.
I've drawn up my usual room-on-graph paper
so I could figure out furniture placement.
As is the case with every other room in the house,
- inches matter -
so I don't leave things like this to chance.
I also rarely move my stuff around.
I'm not big on change, so it works well for me.
We had the same furniture arrangement in our FSM house
living room the entire time we lived there
(once we'd purchased the furniture, that is...)
and I still liked it when we moved.
funny story on myself:
Awhile back, I bought some green snack plates.
(I've discovered I have a fondness for green glass - who knew?!)
They're the kind that has a special spot for a little punch cup
and the glass was sort of wavy on the bottom, but smooth on top.
Awesome, I tell ya!
I got  a set of 8 plates and 6 cups for six bucks at Rags.
I (wrongly) assumed I'd be able to find 2 more cups somewhere....
Fast forward a year or so
and most of the cups had broken or were badly chipped.
Knowing that replacing the cups would be next to impossible,
and using plain clear cups wouldn't be nearly as nice,
I - with a  sad little sigh - sent the lovely plates off to Abilities Unlimited.
(I tend to shop more at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop
and it's just kinda weird to see your own stuff when you shop.
Plus AU is so close, it's easy to run a load over....)
Last week,
looking for furniture for the LEM,
I ran in to the local Abilities thrift shop.
While there,
I spotted these awesome green snack plates.
I felt a little sheepish when I realized - they were mine!

edited to add:
I have better taste than I knew ;-)


  1. man! wish I knew you liked old green glass, I got rid of some last year! (the cups tho, looked more like the plates with the wave thing) your so silly!

  2. thought you were going to say you bought them (or did you?)


  3. haha, no Mom, I didn't buy them; there were no cups ;-)


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