Friday, September 3, 2010

happenings. and a giveaway

I can hardly believe it's Friday already.
a Friday in September, to boot!

On Wednesday, Lily and I made a batch of deodorant.
I've been using my homemade stuff for over a year now
and have been quite pleased.

Tyler had two containers that were just about out
and we had some leftover deodorant
after Lily filled my container
so we scraped out the remains of his
and added it to the remains of mine.

I figured he'd appreciate the manly smell
and this would be a good marriage of
homemade and chemical laden.

The thing about the homemade version is
it's soft.
The tomato lady suggests using a 'light hand' to apply.

It's especially soft for the the first few days after making.

I forgot to tell Tyler we'd switched up his deo
and when he went to use it this morning
he didn't use a light hand
seeing as how he didn't know he needed to....
It was hilarious
but I suppose you had to be there.
Look what came today!!

I'm both excited and terrified.
The battery is charged
and I'm on page 16 of the manual.
I think I might end up on page 16 for quite some time.
We also got our Rainbow Resource package today.
If you homeschool - you really must get their catalog
and even if you don't, you might want it - it's packed full of goodies!

When I order school stuff,
I always try to buy a few art supplies to add to our collection.
This year
I picked a couple of winners!
I ordered Lexi some rock crayons
and she loves them!
She likes to color
but regular crayons just don't always show up real well
with the light hand of a little one.
One stroke on the page with a rock and she was sold!

We also ordered a product I've looked at for the past three years
but just couldn't talk myself into.
This year
I was a little bit shy of the $150 in product
to qualify for free shipping
so it was the perfect chance to get them;
I figured
I could either pay for shipping
or I could pay for crayons
and have something to show for my money.

Excellent decision!
I only wish I would've ordered them three years ago.
These are the most amazing crayons I have ever touched
(and I was thoroughly impressed with Lex's rocks!)
The boys both said, "Oh, these are beautiful!"
right after they began coloring.
A half hour later
Lily woke up from her nap and we showed her our new treasure.
As soon as she put crayon to paper
she said,
"These color beautifully!"

You know what?
I think I'll do a give-away!
I am so excited about these crayons,
I'm going to give away a set of 24!
No kids?
No problem!
I'm pretty sure if you won these
as soon as they arrived in your mailbox
the kid in you would come out to play.

To enter the drawing
just leave a comment
telling me what you would draw a picture of first
if you won.
I'll draw a winner (draw a winner - haha)
I'll draw a winner Monday evening.


  1. haha, probably I would draw a picture of a momma duck and some ducklings.... and a balloon :)

  2. Well, I would love some beautiful crayons! My first drawing would probably be of course, flowers and butterflies!and I of course, would have to share these with Blake, because coloring and drawing is his absolutely favorite thing to do...hes very good at it too by the way. anything to distract him from the sharpie markers! those rock crayons...very cool!

  3. Hmmm, at our house, we're learning about shapes and colors with The Princess. I've got some leaves gathering on my patio - might have to draw a fall picture or I might draw a picture of me running away from a quilt project I need to finish. Way too many things to draw!

  4. Hmmm... I think I would draw a picture of our cat, Bogey. Well, that's what my 4 year-old loves to draw these days, and encourages me to draw him too. That's all I've been drawing lately... cats, cats, and more cats! Thanks so much for the opportunity! What a great giveaway!

  5. My first drawing would be a rainbow! I hope I win!

  6. I still love to color!! I would draw a picture of walking through the forest on a beautiful fall day!
    Sharon Brents

  7. Hi Tracy! Wow, I had no idea you had such a large family....AWESOME!! Beautiful kids....and you're a grandma too! Amazing! I'm so glad to hear from you....I'm friends with Alicia on Facebook and had a couple of emails from Nathan back right after his 3rd was born...but haven't heard from Mandy in several years.

    I'd love to enter your drawing....
    I'm not much of an artist, but I'm sure I'd be trying to draw a dog for one of my animal-crazy kids! :)

  8. I would have to draw a picture of Adrienne drawing a picture of me cooking her favorite lunch of fish sticks and french fries. (I forgot to make them as promised twice this week. A little drawing was sent my way to remind me.)

    Samuel would probably draw lines everywhere showing where cars are allowed to go and where people can walk. He's all about boundaries and rules.

    And Etienne, who insists on having his OWN paper and colors at lesson time, would just love to cover a page with dots and dashes preferably red. Lots of red!

    I would just probably drool over them... I LOVE art supplies and really have to constrain myself at the beginning of each school year.

    PS. If I win, do I have to pay shipping?? haha!

  9. I think I would draw a tree. I tend to like those things besides the fact they are about the only thing that actually looks like what I meant for it too. It would probably a tree in the fall. I love fall. :)

  10. I would probably draw a horse. One of my usual but this time I could make it into a watercolor with these crayons.

  11. Those are just beautiful crayons! I would draw a picture of my family, my 5 year old would draw a monster truck, my daughter would draw a horse and my two year old would draw a chicken.

  12. Well I'd be surrounded by kids the minute they come in the house and they would all grab their favorite color...leaving me the grey.... I'd probably color everyone's names on their beautiful drawings. And then we could hang em on the fridge or maybe send some to Nana.

  13. I'd draw some dinosaurs for my son =) tylerpants(at)

  14. Hey Aunt Tracy! Nabia said if she won these crayons she would draw a princess, a castle, and a magic wand for the princess!

    We leave you,
    Kim and Nabia!


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