Monday, April 11, 2011

power in the L.E.M.

The natives
(and by 'natives'
I mean Tyler and Uncle Guy :-)
are getting antsy;
it's been six days since my last posting.
Never mind that we are crazy busy
and the internet has been spotty at best.....

The exciting news here this weekend is:
We have power in the LEM!!
The lofts are completely finished
and the 3 big boys are now sleeping up there.
Their closet is finished, except for trim
and they've been moving clothes in.
My mini pantry hasn't been touched (ahem!)
but I've pretty much got the main pantry filled up.
I still have to label everything.
The kitchen is in limbo 'til the mini pantry is complete
the rest of the house is in a state of chaos
have power
in the LEM.


  1. Uncle Guy was much more than 'antsy'
    but now am much better - thanks for the post


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